first pass (ugh) proofreading finished (yaaay)

I’m putting this huge monstrosity of a manuscript (Queen of Swords) out of the door for FedEx to deal with.

Done done done. Now I have to get back to real work.

Something unusual happened yesterday. Somebody recognized my name when I was paying for something at a store. This happens maybe two or three times a year, and it always gives me a shock.

Now really, back to work.

5 Replies to “first pass (ugh) proofreading finished (yaaay)”

  1. Only 2 or 3 times a year? You would think that people would know of any authors that live in their area… Is it a good shock, do you like when people recognize you?

  2. I live in your town and I think I would recognize you if I saw you around. I would expect to see you at VB. Should I not greet you? No fawning, but I do appreciate the hard work involved in writing, especially historical novels. Then again, maybe I should fawn. Thanks for many hours of reading pleasure.

  3. Mary — really, you think you’d recognize me? Because the photos on the books: not up to date. But if you did recognize me, of course you should say hello. I’m just surprised when it happens, but never unhappy about it.

    If you’re free on July 13, I’m doing a reading/signing at VB. I hope if you can come you will introduce yourself.

  4. I shall clear my schedule. I’m sure your loyal readers Down Under (and everywhere else) envy me!

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