Fire Along the Sky is available

The new book is out. I have no idea how it’s doing as (1) I can’t get hold of my agent (2) I can’t get hold of my editor (3) my internet access is up the spout. So post if you’ve got a copy, and let me know where you found it — I’d appreciate it.

Edited to add: FaS will be published in New Zealand and Australia on September 30.

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  1. I got the book on Mon., Aug. 30th at Coles (part of Chapters/Indigo). They had it on the shelves August 24th, which really annoyed me as I was on vacation and I could have been reading it then.

    I’m back at work now, and it’s really hard to explain to my boss why I’m not working and reading a book. He’s just not buying my excuse that it will help us with our 3rd quarter results.

    I’m on Chapter 21 and I’ve already cried 3 or 4 times, but I won’t give anything away!

    As always, this book is wonderfully written; the narrative is beautiful and I love your characters so much! You are a very gifted and talented story teller and writer and I really appreciate the research you’ve done and the historical accuracy.

    I love being in Elizabeth and Nathaniel’s world again – it’s wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much for Fire Along the Sky!

  2. I bought my copy at Waldenbooks on the 31st. I positively love this book, just like the other Wilderness books. Now I feel sad that I have to wait for the next book!

  3. So, anyway, I’ve been torturing myself by scouring the net for reviews to try and fill the days until FAS is released in NZ, and I come across this (among other things)…

    “As the distant thunder of war threatens Paradise, Hannah may learn to live?and maybe love?again in one final act of courage, duty, and sacrifice.”

    Now, you know that I am going to skim the book as soon as I lay hands on it to find the answer to my question (and you know what that question is, right? What exactly does “final” mean?!), so you may as well tell me now ….Anyone? Everyone?

  4. im also waiting for it to come out in new zealand, the earliest date i have found is october 1st, do you know when it comes out? perhaps i might just order it off amazon…. :o)

  5. I bought Fire Along the Sky the minute the Barnes and Noble of West Paterson, NJ took their copies out of their boxes. I’m halfway through it now and I’m really enjoying reading it. I have to say that although I love all your books, I really think this one is going to be my second favorite (after ItW.)

  6. I just started it during lunch! Got it from Amazon… (sorry, but I had a gift certificate) but when I went to the Barnes and Noble in Lincoln Square, Manhattan, NYC, I looked for it, and found Fire in the Sky in the “New Book” section.

    So far I am loving it. Was a few minutes late getting back from lunch, as I got caught up reading. Will probably finish it this weekend. (Just noticed my exclamation above. Leaving it in to flout authority and stuff.) (!)

  7. Hi Sara,

    Congratulations on the new book being out. Am loving every single word so far and wishing there were more hours in the day. Can’t talk right now, Elizabeth and Nathaniel are waiting for me!!!!!


  8. I just finished Fire Along the Sky, and feel empty. I have nothing to look forward to now! When will Queen of Swords be ready?

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