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So the weekend was taken up with more seasonal insanity, including dinner with some neighbors (one of whom produced the X-Files, and tells wonderful stories about his many years in the business), and baking cookies (put two of my favorite recipes up on the forum) and otherwise running around. Except for Farscape, of course, and Angels in America (on HBO) I’ve had little sit-down time at all.

bonner family tree

But I wrote well on Friday and today I’ve already got some serious words down, including finishing a possible foreword for the new novel that recaps the first three. While I was putting it together I wished for some heavy duty concordance software that would just chug away and spit out all the details nicely formatted. Tell me, oh software, on what page in ITW do we first get a good look at Curiosity’s eyes?

As a part of the process I did a full family tree on my genealogy software (Reunion, which is excellent, by the way, but only for us sensible enough to be on a Mac). It produces nice graphics if you ask it politely, like this waterfall tree of the Bonner family genealogy. you can click on it to get a better look. WARNING! The chart contains spoilers... as Erin points out in a comment, below. Thanks, Erin.

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  1. Doesn’t this tree contain some spoilers? Like did we know that Luke married Jennet? – just asking thanks

  2. OKaY… CaN SOMEONe EXPLaiN to me…

    …. WHY i CRiED when i ViEWeD this?


    SaRa, this just goes to SHOW ….

    ………. HOW POWeRFUL your WORD~PaiNTiNG is…. to your readers….

    i WiLL NEVER TeLL…*WG*


    STiLL waiTing for the fourth book…

    Just curious, here…what writing software do you run?

  3. Just to say I to am a Reunion fan, have been using it on my imac for 6 years and have 17500 names. Love the books and waiting in anticiapation for the next.

  4. Jo – You have made my day! While at my bookstore, I found the book THREE HEROES. Absolutely wonderful cover! I want so much to have a copy of the cover since I already have the three books and do not plan to buy the book. Next, I’m trying to figure out how to make a copy of the Bonner family tree; it comes out too large for one page. Anyone have any ideas how to make a copy if permissible from Jo? Again, Jo, thank you so much for sharing your talents with one of your favorite fans/readers! *Karen in PA*

  5. Sara – I believe there is an error on the family tree. In ITW,(found in the bible as quoted by Nathaniel to Elizabeth)you have James and Margaret married July 16, 1716, but on the family tree the date of their marriage is 1722.


  6. Karen,

    Entirely possible. I’ll have to check into the fine details in order to straighten this out. Many thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  7. Sara – I just checked out the Bonner genealogy and noted that James Scott/Margaret Montgomerie were married 1722. However, in ITW, Nathaniel tells Elizabeth they were married July 16, 1716, according to the bible. Which is correct? Karen

  8. Did I miss it in the books that when it said that Elizabeth had a miscarriage before she had Robbie?

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