fictional genealogy

So the weekend was taken up with more seasonal insanity, including dinner with some neighbors (one of whom produced the X-Files, and tells wonderful stories about his many years in the business), and baking cookies (put two of my favorite recipes up on the forum) and otherwise running around. Except for Farscape, of course, and Angels in America (on HBO) I’ve had little sit-down time at all.

bonner family tree

But I wrote well on Friday and today I’ve already got some serious words down, including finishing a possible foreword for the new novel that recaps the first three. While I was putting it together I wished for some heavy duty concordance software that would just chug away and spit out all the details nicely formatted. Tell me, oh software, on what page in ITW do we first get a good look at Curiosity’s eyes?

As a part of the process I did a full family tree on my genealogy software (Reunion, which is excellent, by the way, but only for us sensible enough to be on a Mac). It produces nice graphics if you ask it politely, like this waterfall tree of the Bonner family genealogy. you can click on it to get a better look. WARNING! The chart contains spoilers... as Erin points out in a comment, below. Thanks, Erin.