Facebook & Missing Persons



If you have gone to look for me on Facebook you will have noticed I’m missing in action over there. I deactivated my account for a variety of reasons Eventually I’ll probably re-activate it, but for the time being Sara is still over there.  Until I get past this writer’s block business I’ll be keeping a lower profile. 


4 Replies to “Facebook & Missing Persons”

  1. Bummed not to see you on Facebook- (just went to share an article with you) but looking forward to reading your future projects. Maybe consider an online class for students worth a HS credit? (yes, I have selfish reasons for asking)

    1. Hi Chrissy — I have given a lot of thought to offering online classes, but I never find the time to invest in the organization of it. The high school credit part is something that never occurred to me — I don’t know if such a thing is even possible. At any rate, thank you for your support and interest. And keep writing.

  2. I miss you on fb. Though completely understand. I also now have no idea what is happening with the US primaries which is probably a good thing as I have enough to get stressed about. Good luck with the writing and take care. We’ll see you soon when you’re back.

  3. I miss you too! You’re missing out on all my baby pictures I keep posting ;)

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