Drew Chial on Characterization

Chial is a new name to me. I have to look up his work because of this weblog post of his:  Why the best characters overshare

Really clear, excellent advice about characterization. An excerpt:

Launder Envy

We all know jealousy isn’t something to be proud of. So we code it when we vent. We’re envious of the beautiful person who nabbed our position. We just happen to notice how little they did to get what we wanted. We have a front row seat to an injustice. Sure that injustice came out our expense, but we witnessed it all the same. If anything we’re the most qualified to give criticism.

Perpetually envious people aren’t particularly likable. Socially adjusted people know this, but jealousy is just part of the human condition. The more a character works to rationalize their envy the more they reveal how much it consumes them.

His Twitter feed is full of interesting bits and pieces.  

PS His comments on characterization reminded me of an old post:

Shake my hand. Come on, I dare ya about distinguishing between author and character.