DRAWING CLOSED: Queen of Swords

A little late, but never mind.

If you’d like to be included in the random draw for a signed first edition of Queen of Swords, please leave a comment here. You have to use a valid email address, but I don’t need a last name.

Also (and this is not a requirement): if you have a favorite post that comes to mind without a lot of thought, could you please let me know what it is? Because I’m trying to sort some things out, archive wise. You don’t have to give me a link. The one about Aunt Bea and the pickles would be enough. And just to be clear: that’s an example. No Aunt Bea, no pickles anywhere here.

So go to it. Queen of Swords awaits.

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  1. I’m in! I’m in!!

    I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite post but I love the thread where we can discuss the books we’ve read.

  2. Please randomly select me. ; )

    I like all your posts on writing, but my all-time favorite is The Mathematician and the Bat.

  3. I remember reading about your hate-on for the over-use of exclamation marks here. (Do you have any problem with over-use of hyphens? Hee hee) I liked that one.

  4. Just recently started reading your blog and haven’t been throught the archives, yet. But, dare I say it, the pieces about writing sex scenes are what got me here in the first place! I’m anxiously awaiting the next book!

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    I haven’t seen all the posts, but I like to read anything on the art of writing.
    Although it must have been extremely painful for the mathematician, I laughed out loud reading the bat story. Ouch!

  6. I am so looking forward to Queen of Swords. Wouldn’t it be great to win an advance copy! I like it when you recommend books and movies.

  7. I would really appreciate it if you picked me, even though I do abuse exclamation points. I’m trying though, right now I would have put one in. Geez Rosina that’s too hard for a hyper girl like me!!!

    Oh and I love all posts about the mathematician and the girl child and anything on writing. (see no exclamation points).

  8. Your discussion about depression comes to mind. I didn’t comment at the time, but I admired the courage it took to publicly post about such an intimate topic.

  9. My favorite post is one where you talked about meaningless phrases (such as raven locks and silken tresses, or some such) and sex scenes that accomplish nothing in a book and are interchangeable, etc. (And I may be an author, but I’m a reader first and need a huge meaty historical fix!)

  10. Please count me in. I like the section where you speak about your father and his cooking. Great memories.

  11. Count me in. I really like your book review and recommendation posts. And I am proud to say that since reading about it here, I’ve read the whole Niccolo Rising saga–and loved it!

  12. Hi Rosina,
    Better late then never. Count me in. Post I like the best are the ones with mathematician and Girl Child.

  13. I very much enjoyed the post about the Mathematician and the bat. Tee hee. And I like the reviews.

  14. Please count me in…

    I’ve been reading your blog since almost the beginning, and know I’m forgetting some fabulous posts, but I love your “slice of life” posts most of all. The one that sticks in my mind at the moment is the one where you were locked out of the house.

  15. Hi Rosina, please enter my name for the contest. I like it when you post the reviews of your books, both the good and the ones you were less than thrilled with. I also liked the bit about the early readers, the alpha or beta readers, I don’t remember what you called them but I like how you thanked them for being helpful. Thanks Carolyn S

  16. Hi Rosina

    Just found this website recently. I recently finished reading all the books available in the series. It took me about a week and 1/2 to read them; and I work full time and have 2 kids. My husband was getting annoyed with me but i couldn’t put them down. Excited about the next one.

  17. I’m with Pam on the overuse of exclamation marks. Unfortunately it is something I am guilty of, and I feel guilty every time I do it in the forums, but I still do!

    That’s a long winded way of saying…I’m in and please pick me!

  18. The series on writing sex scenes, and just about any discussion and illustration of the art and craft of good storytelling – not just entertaining, but enlightening as well.

  19. I liked the posts about Dolly Wilde’s illness. Any clarifications or clues to mysteries in the wilderness series are helpful and fun.

    And the Mathematician and the Bat story was pretty sweet too.

  20. Yep! The Mathematician and the Bat and the blood. Also, generally the reviews of authors you recommend.

  21. Pick me! I love reading the “slice of life” posts as well…one about baking holiday cookies comes to mind. That one made me hungry. :)

  22. Here’s my entry–and since I’ve always loved historicals, I especially like the posts about your research and sources, names and the like.

  23. Here is my entry – I just finished rereading Fire along the Sky and I am so looking forward to Queen of the Swords, I can’t wait for it to be in my hot little hands! I enjoy all your posts on the Mathematician.

  24. Love to read the who/what/where/when/why/hows of the Wilderness Novels… so looking forward to Queen of Swords.

  25. Draw me! Just getting into your blog, so I haven’t read much, yet. I like that you talk about TV shows, it’s nice to know amazing authors watch TV, too. I had not read books since I was a teenager until I randomly picked up Into the Wilderness at a local Kroger grocery store. I liked the picture on the front and anything to do with Native Americans. You got me hooked. So anything about historical fiction. One other one, I don’t remember exactly, but you described a picture and then told a detailed story of the picture. Writing had never been described to me that way, and it made so much sense. I’ll try to find exact post.

  26. In the past few weeks I re-read all of the ITW books just so I can be ready for QoS…I have read the first book so many times it fell apart this time around. I read all posts, but the ones that come to mind would have to be stories of The Mathematician and the Girl child.

  27. Me, me please. My favourite is the Mathematician, the pub, the bike, and the bat. Love your books, have all of them here in NZ, and can’t wait for Queen of Swords.

  28. I would love if you picked me. Pick me, please.

    As to my favorite post, I haven’t read them all. However, I get a kick out of strange-but-true moments from your life (like the Mathematician and the bat, or your Cherry Garcia fixation). I have also referred to your depression post a couple of times. Your perspective is so helpful.

  29. I don’t always read every post, but I look forward to all new ones. Wasn’t sure I’d like TTTT (I’m a great fan of the Wilderness series), but I bought it and loved it.

  30. I am gearing up to re-read Fire Along the Sky.

    As for favorite posts – I always like the ones about your daily life, whether it be stories about your husband bleeding everywhere or getting locked out of your home.

  31. I like any of the posts where you talk about the craft of writing by looking closely at a snip from another author. Maybe you did this with Jennifer Cruise once?

  32. Dear Rosina, please put me in for the draw! I have lots of favourite posts of yours – the ones in which you talk about family, your book reviews, the one in which you reveal tidbits of your upcoming novels or dynamics of ones you have written I have read; but probably the ones I have read with the most interest were the ones about fan fiction, as it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and I’m really interested to have an author write about it in a positive way.

  33. I have no luck in these things, but I keep doing them nonetheless. I loved the depression post, it’s very refreshing to hear someone talk about mental illness in a direct way. And it’s so nice to be able to interact with one of your favorite authors. It makes you seem just like me…except talented:)

  34. Thank goodness you were late, because so am I.

    I like the posts on how to write. Where is the Mathematician and the bat? I think I missed that one.

  35. I found the depression post really memorable. I hadn’t heard of that sort of depression, but the bit that made an impression on me was comment about colour coming back into the world.

  36. I loved all you book recommendations. I keep a list in my purse for when I drop into a book store.

  37. My favorite post is the one about your dad getting all those magazine subscriptions. Of course, my other favorites are ones about your books, but that one just comes to mind…

  38. I’m counting down the days until QOS is released but wow would it be great to get a signed first edition directly from you!
    Thank you for all of the contests and give-aways, it has been fun keeping up with your weblog and forum.

  39. I enjoy the whole enchilada on your site, but I really enjoyed your political commentary regarding the observance of 9/11. It’s nice to know someone else thinks along the same line.

  40. Please put my name into the hat. I enjoy the way you have made yourself accessible to your fans.

  41. I’d love to win a book :)
    I like the discussions about what books others are reading, it helps me find my next book fix. After looking through these posts I will have to find the Mathmetician and the bat story!

  42. I love your work!!! I even named my son Nathaniel after reading “Wilderness”! Now, if THAT doesn’t deserve a book, I don’t know what does! LOL :)

  43. Of course I would love a copy of Queen of Swords signed by the author, who wouldn’t. But to be honest I’ve never won anything, ever. LOL but here’s my two cents. J

  44. Pick me! Also, my favorite post is the one you wrote about your dad and the magazine subscriptions. Soooo funny.

  45. I liked the post about the Bonner family tree. I’ve printed it out and stuck it in my Wilderness books. I’ve got one copy left which would fit perfectly in a signed copy of Queen of Swords

  46. Oh, I hope I win!

    I like the book review posts–both the actual reviews and the discussion of what makes a good review.

  47. Thanks for letting us see what goes on behind the scenes in writing as you do. There’s a lot of heavy lifting involved in the creative process.

  48. love your heroines! appreciate your honesty–the on about being locked out of the garage comes to mind

  49. I loved the post about the experimental short story, the one about the photo at Lincoln Park Zoo. Really impressive and original use of story structure.

  50. Ok. Just read about your depression and you have to keep that one for all to see. Suffered with it for two years after the birth of my second child at age 20. The meds did the same for me. I couldn’t get over how bright the world was and how colorful. But just reading it today, you answered what it really was…anger turned inward. I cried. That definition hits it right on. Now, maybe, I can work on that.
    Thanks Rosina.

  51. Oooh, I want to be picked!

    The post I think about every so often is the one where you shared your defamatory poem about exclamation points. Since I am prone to the use (overuse) of exclamation, I found it very amusing. And I do try to curb myself…

  52. I enjoy reading posts about your personal life; growing up, your Dad, the Mathemetician, the Girlchild. I also love to read about your process of writing. Very interesting.

  53. Please add me to the drawing. My favorite posts tend to be book recommendations. Thanks so much!

  54. I like the book and story reccomendations. I have yet to be dissapointed by something you suggested.

  55. Count me in. I love that you forget what you wrote. I do that too. I also read some of my writing and say did I really write that, that’s good or oh no what was I thinking.

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