Downton Abbey

Jill (my agent) brought this to my attention (it’s about six months old but I’m –as ever — behind the curve) from Slate:

Julian Fellows

Yesterday we learned that Julian Fellowes is developing a TV series set in Gilded Age New York City for NBC. As fans of both Fellowes’ work—from Gosford Park to Downton Abbey—and historical TV shows more generally, we immediately started guessing just which people and events from that period might inspire him. Fellowes frequently delves into the stories of historical figures for his dramas… The series will be set in the 1880s, a decade Fellowes has described as “a vivid time with dizzying, brilliant ascents and calamitous falls; of record-breaking ostentation and savage rivalry; a time when money was king.”

My novel-in-progress (The Gilded Hour) is set in 1880s Manhattan, as you may have read here. Jill thinks this is very good timing.  Maybe I should send Mr. Fellows my research materials and notes, all two thousand + pages worth.

But if he calls the series The Gilded Age  I’m worried I’ll have to change my title, just when I got comfortable with it.

And I’ve been meaning to ask: is there any interest in a excerpt out there?

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  1. Of course I want an excerpt. Say 500 pages or so.

    Anyway why don’t you send Mr. Fellows a copy of Into the Wilderness, explain who you are with a list of novels, and explain your current WIP and its name. Who knows! It might be just right.

  2. Very much. I would hope for more than one of course.
    Great thanks for your offer.

  3. Absolutely, so much interest! I’m thrilled to hear that you have another novel coming out, and can’t wait for a taste of it.

  4. Yes! Excerpt please! Love the Wilderness books and feel that anything you write will be worth reading. Well, listening to… I rarely have time to sit and read, but I devour audiobooks. Hopefully your new book will be out on Audible also.

    Thank you for sharing your imagination with the rest of us!

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