Divide and Conquer

This weblog has been around for a long time. I no longer post to it regularly, but I haven’t taken it down because it still gets a lot of hits; that makes me think that some people find it useful. 

But it’s a big crazy monster of a weblog, and because it’s so big there are lots of bugs.  So I made a decision some time ago which I have been slowly implementing. Here’s the skinny:

This weblog stays put. All the posts about writing, craft, publishing, and related matters stay right here.

Everything about the novels goes to the wiki. You could pop over there and have a look. You should pop over there if you searched for something here and didn’t find it. 


If you’re looking for 

  • the series of posts on writing sex scenes
  • story v plot discussions
  • notes on constructing dialog
  • ideas on generating story ideas

… those posts are here. 

If you’re looking for

  • genealogy stuff, including a heckin big family tree
  • maps relevant to the various novels
  • information about what I’m writing now
  • clarification on Ethan and Callie’s relationship
  • FAQ

… then hightail it over to the wiki. 

This divide and conquer thing is not finished. It may never be finished, but I’ll keep banging away at it, for a half hour or so every day. 

If you’re interested in getting involved (say you would like to put together a short bio for Jack Mezzanotte, Dutch Ton, Anna Hauptmann, Galileo Freeman, or any one of the dozens of characters that still need to be tackled) then please speak up. You may not be interested in writing bios, but then there are dozens of other small tasks that need to be handled.

Note: People who contribute to taming the wild wiki will be rewarded.