DHL: warning. Do not use this company

This is a public service announcement. Some simple facts:

1. On December 19, Apple Computer sent me an empty box. The sole purpose of the box was to put my computer into it, so it could be shipped safely. Apple used DHL for shipping.

2. On December 20 the box arrived at the DHL facility in Burlington WA, which is 18 miles from my home.

3. On December 28 DHL has stil failed to deliver the box to me, 18 miles away.

4. After repeated telephone calls I finally drove to DHL, with my computer in hand.

5. The box was handed over to me with many apologies. I packed up the computer in front of them.

6. They filled out the paperwork in front of me. I signed it. I got the receipt. I was told it would go out immediately.

7. Today, January 2, the box with my computer in it is still sitting in the DHL facility in Burlington, Washington. It is no closer to the Apple repair facility than it was on December 19, when Apple dispatched the box to me.

8. I am now waiting to hear back from DHL on this.

I am working on a loan computer. Which means I have to give it back, and soon. If my calm, reasonable self loses the struggle to stay on top of this, the Italian me will probably be calling my lawyer to ask how to sue DHL for damages.

So, the lesson to be learned:  Do not use DHL. DHL is crap. Do not buy stock in DHL for the same reason. Do not believe the DHL support staff, office staff, help line staff when they make solemn promises. They lie.

Now I have to call Apple and ask them what the hell is going on, and why they use DHL to start with.


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  1. I just checked out the DHL Web site, and it looks like they employ independent contractors especially for their public shipping operations.

    I’m Irish, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to contact DHL headquarters and raise hell over this lousy service. Mention bad publicity. That usually gets a response.

    Since Apple is paying the shipping, I’d think they’d be interested in hearing about this also.

  2. Oddly enough, I just had a DHL problem that thankfully only involved a shipment of clothing that I ordered for myself (Merry Christmas to me!). I placed my online order 12/12, the order shipped 12/13….and disappeared somewhere in the DHL hub from 12/17 until 12/27 (I get this mental picture of my box circling forlornly on a conveyor belt over and over and over while all the other boxes are shipped off to people’s houses for the holidays– must be the product of too many Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer reruns). Anyways, the box finally showed up on my doorstep via the US Postal Service today. Judging from its appearance, I think it got used as a football but nothing is damaged except the box.

  3. Argh! How Rude! That would infuriate me also….nothing worse than dealing with incompetent people. I’d be writing HQ and demanding a explanation. Generally if complaints are in writing, something gets done because of the paper trail; but to be on the safe side CC it to lots of departments. Good luck.

  4. January 3, 2008

    I was reading some comments on Amazon the other evening and came across a bunch of complaints about using DHL and they were asking Amazon not to use it or anyone else who wanted their stuff delivered on time. Carol Vaughn

  5. I feel your pain. The bank sent me the title to my car via DHL a few months ago. Needless to say they lost the package. The stupid delivery driver left it on the door of another apartment in my complex because no one was home. He mistaked the #1 with the #7. I think someone walked by and stole the package off the door because my neighbors claim they never saw a DHL package. So here I am still trying to get the bank to reissue another title and hopefully not send it to me via DHL.

  6. It’s funny but after googling DHL/complaint/ etc..and finding numerous complaints about the company I was prepared to ditto the above comments but then..I checked some of the other leading shippers and found the exact same complaints..:/ guess my point is, can’t really blame the whole for the actions of a few. Personally, I’d call head head office and make them aware of the problem with that particular outlet.(ducks a barrage of imaginary smacks and hard,pointy objects)

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