dead man telling tales

I’ve mentioned before (some long time ago) that I love Samuel Pepys Diary, which is on-line. Here’s today’s entry:

Thursday 25 April 1661. All the morning with my workmen with great pleasure to see them near coming to an end. At noon Mr. Moore and I went to an Ordinary at the King’s Head in Towre Street, and there had a dirty dinner. Afterwards home and having done some business with him, in comes Mr. Sheply and Pierce the surgeon, and they and I to the Mitre and there staid a while and drank, and so home and after a little re[a]ding to bed.

Not only is the diary annotated (if you want to know about Mr. Sheply, about the Mitre, about the Ordinary at the King’s Head, all that is just a flick of the mouse away), but interested parties contribute to each day’s entry, working out the fine points. What exactly is a dirty dinner? What a phrase. I will have to use it somewhere. At present I don’t contribute to the annotations or discussion, because I have this certain knowledge that I would get stuck in that universe and have a hard time extracting myself.

It’s really worth a look. Really.