crickey. THIS is why you should be watching Studio 60

studio60So I’m watching tonight’s episode of Studio 60 and may I say: fantastic. From every angle. Funny and moving, politically sharp, heart stopping romantic banter. Three of the primary characters in this promo shot: the producer Danny Trip (Bradley Whitford), the head writer Matt Albie (Matthew Perry), and Jordan McDeere, the newly appointed network president of the National Broadcast System, a maverick at heart, single, and pregnant (Amanda Peet).

Thus far Aaron Sorkin has been writing all the episodes (sometimes with a co-writer). Sorkin is the guy who wrote the best episodes of West Wing and Sports Night. Studio 60 makes it evident that he has not lost his touch. It probably also helps that Studio 60 is primarily about the writing and producing of a television program and one of the main characters is apparently based in part on himself.

Sorkin is the king of banter and he’s not too shabby at monologue, either. From tonight’s episode (he character Danny finally speaks his mind to Jordan):

I’ve been married twice before and I’m a recovering cocaine addict, and I know that’s no woman’s dream of a man or a father. Nonetheless I believe I’m falling in love with you. If you want to run I understand, but you better get a good head start. Because I’m coming for you, Jordan.

This is definitely a keeper of a television show. Let’s hope Sorkin sticks with it.