Creaky old bones, in the ether.

I’ve been hearing quite often from people who have not been able to enter contests/giveaways because they just can’t get the comment system to work.  I’m trying to figure out (1) what exactly is wrong and (2) how to fix it. I really dislike the idea that people who want to enter giveaways can’t.   If you could please answer this poll (you can chose more than one answer), and further, if you have had problems, be specific on the nature of those problems in the comments or by email, I would much appreciate your help. 

Have you had trouble commenting here on the weblog? If you can provide details in the comments (ha) that would be useful.

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5 Replies to “Creaky old bones, in the ether.”

  1. After responding to the survey, I have to say – I think it’s working when I comment … if this appears then I guess we will know!

  2. Hi! I don’t have a problem with leaving comments , just wish I could win! He he! Love your series! Don’t stop writing!

  3. I have not had any problems since I subscribed.

    Love the little excerpts from the Gilded Hour.

  4. I’ve never had problems with comments – currently running Safari on the El Capitan public beta (v4). I’ve also commented on the iPad (iOS8, current version) without issue.

  5. I have found that if I am reading the post through the bloglovin app or if I link to it from Twitter or Facebook then I don’t see the comments or the comment form. But I’m always on my phone when I do that. And if I click to view full site it all works just fine. Ironically, if I try to view the website from the laptop it always defaults to the mobile version so I have the same problem. Again, clicking to view full site fixes it.

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