confusing the readers

A comment that came in today:

I have read all the Sara Donati books. Just finished “Fire Along the Sky” and the beginning of Queen of Swords. I am just wondering why Luke Scott Bonner and Hannah Bonner became Luke Scott and Hannah Scott. I thought this was the story of the Bonners. Why confuse the readers?

If I do something like this (and by the way, if Hannah is called Hannah Scott, it’s only an assumption made by somebody else who knows her brother), there is always a reason. Think for a minute about where the characters are, what is going on in the world at large, and about the dangers of the situation.

Though it may seem at times as though I sit up late thinking of ways to be confusing, in fact if I’m up late it’s for the opposite reason. Or because I can’t put a book down. See the next post.