Community Story Machine No. 3

2XfloralgreenYou thought I forgot. Ha.

A little twist this time. Pick up the first novel to hand, and go to page 85. Reading from the top of the page, find the first bit (sentence, partial sentence, whatever) of dialog. It doesn’t matter how short it is, but if it’s long, just take the first clause or two.

Post your contributions here, as usual. I’ll let this one run probably all week.

I’ll start with Con Ed, by Matthew Klein:

“Okay, Kip.”

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  1. On a Highland Shore, Kathleen Givens

    “And I knew I would meet you again. Do you remember me telling you?”

  2. “Well, Miss!”

    from Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte

    Not my first choice of novel, but the closest to hand (in the pile of Brit Lit I have to read for an upcoming class).

  3. ‘Wherever she goes in battle she receives half of those who fall, and Odin receives the other half.’
    Gylfaginning, 23 from The Wordsworth Dictionary of Mythology.

  4. Someone To Watch Over Me – Lisa Kleypas


    (Short, but apparently he doesn’t finish the sentence since it’s the only quote on the whole page!)

  5. “Over here. This is where I am.”

    The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman

    (Had to go all the way to page 89 for the first quote!)

  6. “sit ye doon,young man, and I’ll attend to this boorachie”

    the Fiery Cross, Diana Gabaldon

  7. Oops, I didn’t do my first attempt correctly. Let my try again.

    Still had a room for rent,” Clive said.
    Someone to Love, Jude Deveraux

  8. “Look, you said you were going to explain everything.” Lewis, in The Paradise War by Stephen Lawhead.

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