Community Story Machine #2

Sherryl compiled the story this week, and I really love some of the things that came out. The bean rolling around the magnificant palace, Scott deciding not to be impressed, the woman with him getting all flustered. There are a lot of lovely little riffs in here.

Rache entspricht nicht der buddhistischen Lehre.
He’d caught himself editing the author’s prose — correcting an inaccurate reference and rewording the characters’ dialog — but that wasn’t it.

Tea provided the basis for the widening of European trade with the East.
If Mr. Thornton would but say something to them — let them hear his voice only –
and care to remember.
Even babies respond to the camera with gleeful exhibitionism.
Arthur saw a red glow suddenly flare in the corner at the end of the table and stopped as he saw it came from a pipe in the mouth of a man who was sitting there.

Ruso retrieved a bean that had rolled toward his feet.
It really is a tremendous palace, of beautiful scarlet brick, the most expensive of all building materials, with arches and quoins of shining white stone.

Scott wasn’t convinced.
What were these builders thinking 2,000 years ago?
She looked around the chaos, helplessly. ‘I do not know –’
The pub was still for a good ten seconds when they had finished.
She could see tiny figures riding the updrafts they created, swirling above them.
Her arm curved to the floor, her fingers inches from Ron.
“I’m as damp as I can be from dancing so much.”
“I’m glad you trusted me enough to confide in me.”
“It is getting dark, and I must go, or mamma will be alarmed,” said Annabel rising in sudden haste, though she hoped to be asked to remain to the nut-party.

“And what’s more, if you don’t come back right away, I’ll tell them you did it.”