clarification: my workspace(s)

I really didn’t make myself clear when I put up photos of my study. That is not the only place I work. In fact, it’s probably the place where I work the least.
In case you missed it, here’s a bit about my work habits, the demands put on me by Diller (my muse) and the green chair story.

And here is the little library with the big green chair, which has been painted here and there with big red cherries because, well, the cats put this chair through a lot and I thought it needed cheering up. And piles of books because sometimes books like to be in piles, they request to be put in piles, and that’s the story I’m sticking to.

Also I’m in the middle of cataloging all the books in the household (what you see here is maybe a third of the total) and reorganizing them all, and I’ve only just begun, which I guess is obvious. But you’ll note the upper right hand corner looks pretty darn good, those are my signed first editions/first printing books, which I try to take care of.

One more thing. There’s a box sitting on the green chair that is full of stuff for Kate Rose that I haven’t sent yet, because I keep thinking the ARCs for Tied to the Tracks will be here any day and I’ll put one of those in. So Kate Rose? Sorry for the delay.