Catching Up & Discussions, Unlimited

mailboxesI believe that I have finally sent off all the books and bits and pieces various people won in the giveaways leading up to the release of The Gilded Hour. If you are one of those people and have not received a package by the end of this coming week, please shout and I will send out the hounds to track the package.  

And thanks to everybody who participated in the various contests. Your support means the world.  

The news: I have finally got the discussion forum up and working on The Gilded Hour wiki-ish website, and I’m pleased with it. It seems fairly easy to use. What I’m hoping is that those of you who have read the novel might be willing to venture over there and register. Nothing complicated about it, but you need to register to participate. And I’d like you to participate because I’m going to start discussions I think you will find interesting. For example, I would love to know if readers have any ideas on who is responsible for the unsolved deaths (something you will, of course, find out in the sequel — but right now I’m curious about your impressions and thoughts). 

And of course, you can start interesting discussions, too. You can ask me anything about the novel on the forum, but some questions I won’t be able to answer. Sometimes I’ll ask you to answer, because the answer is there in the text, but not obvious. 

And to get all of this off to a good start, I have one last GH giveaway to announce. Watch this space.