Candy's dictionary

Candy (of Smart Bitches) has put together a very important dictionary definition for billnapoli. Click, and you shall learn about the inspiration for her sudden leap into morphological territory. I personally plan on re-reading this definition about fifty times a day.

Digby has more on this napoli business, but do be sure to read the Smart Bitch defintion too. Read it early, and read it often.

EDITED TO ADD: Molly Ivins has more to say in her usual no-nonsense style. (Thanks to Barbara for the heads-up.)

…I find [Napoli’s abortion stance] so profound I am considering putting Sen. Napoli in charge of all moral, ethical and medical decisions made by women. Certainly lucky for the women of South Dakota that he’s there, and perhaps that’s what we all need — a man to make decisions for us in case we should decide to do something serious just for our own convenience.

Look at some of the incompetent women we have running around in this country — Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, now there are a couple of girls in need of guidance from the South Dakota legislature. Female doctors, lawyers, airplane pilots, engineers and, for that matter, female members of the South Dakota Legislature — who could ever trust them with an important decision?

In South Dakota, pharmacists can refuse to fill a prescription for contraceptives should it trouble their conscience, and some groups who worked on the anti-abortion bill believe contraception also needs to be outlawed. Good plan. After that, we’ll reconsider women’s property rights, civil right and voting rights.

For years, the women’s movement has been going around asking, “Who decides?” as though that were the issue. Well, here’s the answer. Bill Napoli decides, and if you’re not happy with that arrangement, well, you’d better be prepared to do something about it.

how do you define napoli?