can somebody explain this to me?

At the beginning of every month I check the stats for the webserver where all these pages live, just to see how things are going. For the month of March there were (on average) 435 unique visits a day (this is different, as I understand it, from ‘hits’ which averaged about 4,300 a day).

One of the more interesting sections on the stats page lists the top 100 referrers. This is a listing of websites where a person found the link to my pages, and clicked it. Most of these referrers are search engines. Somebody plugs in Sara Donati, gets a list of matches, and clicks on the url for this blog. Nothing confusing so far.

But. In those top 100 referrers there are some websites which make no sense to me. Imagine my horror when I found that seventeen hapless people had found their way to my webpages by way of As far as I can see (because, of course, I had to go have a look) there is no link to me here, nor has there ever been. Which of course is (1) no surprise (I’m not a candidate for this particular site, being neither a) a celebrity; nor b) nude while I blog; nor c) in the habit of blogging about nudity); and (2) a huge relief — but does nothing to clear up the mystery. And for another wrinkle: seven people landed here by way of, which is just plain nuts. There are a scattering of other odd referrers, a nude Brittany Spears, and a collection of amateur, really awfully bad, xxx pix. I don’t spend time on these sites, I haven’t contributed anything to them, and I’m just generally scratching my head here, when, of course, I have much better things to do. So I’ll go and do them, now.