can anybody fill me on on this?

There’s a website called  Writers Online Classes that I’ve seen in passing now and then. It seems like a straight forward approach, solid groundwork without all the bells and whistles that tend to make me suspicious.

Do people really enroll in these classes, and if they do, how much do they get out of it? I realize every individual’s experiences will be different, but I’d still like to hear from anyone who’s participated. If you have things to say but don’t want to say them publically, you can use the contact form (link to the far right). I’m not using this information for anything more that feeding my ‘satiable curiosity.

On the business end of things, I can’t really imagine a working business model for this kind of thing. One individual teaching (say) four of these workshops at a time would be nearly a full time proposition. Say you’ve got ten people in each class, at $50 for a four week course. That’s a yearly income of about $24,000 before taxes. And maybe that would be satisfactory, but what about writing time of your own?

So in addition to anything you’d like to share about the classes in question, could you tell me

(1) Have you ever taken an online writing course that you had to pay for?

(2) If so, would you do so again?

(3) What features would you have to have in such a workshop before you’d even consider paying for it? How much are you willing to spend, and what do you expect in return?

(4) And while we’re at it, have you ever gone to a writing seminar or conference? If so, what did you like about the experience, and what didn’t work for you?

I know, I’m very nosy. Feel free to ignore me.