browser problems?

Pam writes to say that when she looks at this weblog, there’s some wackiness going on. The sidebar shows up below the main body.

Is anyone else having that problem? And if so, could you please leave a comment telling me what browser/operating system you’re using?

ScreencapblgUPDATE: why didn’t any of you mopes mention this to me before? Sheesh. I bet you let men walk around with their zippers down, too, and then giggle about not telling them.

If you click on this thumbnail you’ll see what the page is supposed to look like. I’ve got no idea what’s up with IE (you know, Firefox really is a great browser, you’d be so much better off…) but I put in a help ticket. Stayed tuned.


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  1. The side bar appears on the side, but far from the header/title, below the body of the post. I’m using IE.


  2. Yes, it’s that way for me too. I thought it was just part of the redesign! I’m using IE 6.0.

  3. Yeah, mine is IE. It’s something I can live with, although I forgot to mention that when leaving a comment, the comment box isn’t entirely visible (margins seem too thin for the comment, name, email address and URL boxes).

  4. I have been seeing it like that for almost two months. I also use Internet Explorer. I am haveing margin problems just like Pam.

  5. I use IE 6.0 and the side bar is all the way to the bottom and the comment box doesn’t show completely. Also, at the top of the page where you have the the title of your weblog and all the titles of your books, the list of books is cut off in the middle. It looks like this:
    Tied to the T
    and writ
    Into the Wild
    Dawn on a Distant
    Lake in the
    Fire along th
    Queen of S

    Hope this helps!

  6. Same as most people – side bar is at the side but way at the bottom, after all of the posts. IE, not sure which version.

  7. Yep, using Internet explorer. Margin has been off for quite some time actually. No big deal though :)

  8. Same for me as MARG. I use Internet Explorer. Also, when entering comments (such as right now) the whole of the comments within the box jump left as I get to the right of the line. I can drag back to the left, but any typos I claim are because I’m disconcerted with the jumping words.

  9. We use Firefox at home, so I assume all is well, but the IE is on my computer at work and I have no control over what software or browser they install (and if I mentioned it to them, they might frown upon the fact that I’m using my computer for personal browsing of blogs, so we’ll just keep mum about that one). Unless the font is suddenly changed to wingdings, I don’t worry about it too much. I can scroll down with the best of ’em.

  10. Just wanted to let you know that here in the Mac world of OS 10.3.9 and 10.4.6 in Safari and Firefox, all’s well and beautiful.

  11. I use IE (also, ahem, at work), and in the last few days the comments have come up as gibberish. The sidebar is at the bottom too, but that is the least of the problems.

  12. Mavis — the font looks okay, but the words are gibberish? Could you give me more detail, please?


  13. I use FireFox at work and IE at home – and I never realized that your page was messed up only when I was at home. I always assumed that you were updating the page, and would fix it soon. big duh on my part.

  14. Sorry, your page has been doing that since about when you changed the design to include the figure in pink pyjamas – as with others I thought it was the new design…I use Internet Explorer.

  15. im using IE, same as everyone else using it the sidebar is below and the banner is cut off… duh thought it was the way you wanted it to be :)

  16. ummm…so I should run out and buy a Mac then? Cause I don’t think I could go on…with the knowlage that I’m not getting…oh thats not a good word ta misspell…the WHOLE picture! Whoever said content was more important was on the money.(..and its like lilac or pink colors anyways so I’m already mentally blocking anyways)

  17. Same as the others. I use IE (drat that Bill Gates) and have the same problems. I also thouhgt it was a formating problem you were fixing. We’re so polite aren’t we?

  18. I use EI as well and have the same issues as the other peopke stated. I am new to the forum and thought that was the way you wanted it. :)

  19. LOL. I thought it was my pc. (Not computer savvy) Anyways, once I start reading your blogs I dont care what is where, I just want to read!

  20. I use IE 6 on XP and it doesn’t relocate things, it just truncates the page in line with the N on the Storytelling banner. It works fine on Firefox at home, so I just assumed it was a cacky setting on the pcs at work.

  21. Sidebar on bottom of posts and to the right. Don’t see any header banner, just a blank space with a broken black line all theway around. I’m using Win XP and IE6

  22. I didn’t mention the problem earlier because I knew it was an IE problem. I have the same problem with several blogs…but since I am checking from work (before the day gets started) and I have no control over the browser and am not permitted to download software, it wasn’t worth complaining about….

  23. …..soooo did any1 finish reading TTTT? waiting for some input peeps,quickly,quickly.
    Question:(this is’nt the place to ask, I know :) Looking for a children’s album “Just so stories” any1 know where I can find? One of those things that stuck with me from my wee years and would like to share with my own wee ones.

  24. Sara–by gibberish I mean this (copied from earlier post today):

    5253FSubscriptionId=02ZH6J1W0649DTNS6002″> io Peopleame.), Elstate soBerg (laughs-20%26link_code=xm2%26camp=2025%26creative=165953%26path=

    and a whole lot more of the same. I have no idea what’s going on.

  25. Sounds like a good plan, does the discipline of writing get easier though? Do you stress less with each sucsess?(thats a mouthful)

  26. Happy birthday! You’re in excellent company — my mom’s 81st birthday is today, January 16, and I sent her a passel of Agatha Christie, which she likes very much.

    Mom’s a mystery reader whose specialty is figuring out whodunnit before the end of the book (and without looking) — she always knew, whether it was a book, a movie, or a TV show.

    She taught me how to read (I could read before kindergarten) and it was she who got us all going to the library and reading on summer vacations when we were young.

  27. Hang in there Rosina you are a brilliant writer and I am sure book six will be just as good as the previous five were. When the moment is right the writing will all flow quickly until that time sit back relax I am sure those wonderful characters will not leave you alone for long – then you will be wanting them to stop nagging you to tell their story!

  28. Dear Rosina,

    happy birthday! Did you have a nice day? All the best for your next year, may it bring lots of good times, beautiful dogs, and desires fulfilled.

  29. Happy Birthday!!!:) Good luck with your resolutions… It’s always great to have goals! I myself made a resolution to excercise and watch what I eat. Also to draw and paint more!:) I guess the weight and exercising resolution is something that most people make!lol Anyways, have a great day everyone and Rosina enjoy your day… take it easy, spoil yourself! It’s all good!:) Did you get your puppy?????


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