broken record, here

Earlier in the fall I had a really nasty cold flu like thing, and I whined about it. I’m sure you remember. It’s hard to be funny when your lungs are making a bid for escape. Then I got over it and I told myself fine, that’s your one big awful viral mess this year. Don’t try that again.

And then I woke up two days ago with a fever of 102 and all the old symptoms.

I wish I could be philosophical about this. I did try. I even put up a whole post without one mention of my temperature, fever blisters, headache or any of the other symptoms. But I find my ability to be philosophical decreases as my temperature goes up. So this is my official whining post. Now I’ll go away and try to pull myself back together.


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  1. Hey Rosina,

    Sorry about that. I think adult fever is the worst!! It’s not often that an adult will get a fever over a 100. I had strep a few years back and a high temp and I thought I was going to die. Horrible. I hope you have people there to comfort you and get you chicken soup :)

    Feel better and don’t worry, whining is good for you once in a while!

  2. When I started taking vitamins C and E I stopped getting so many communicable cold-like infections. They seem to boost the immune system.

    Yours sounds out of whack. I think you should get it checked out. Supposedly viral infections don’t cause high fevers but bacterial ones do, like 102 degrees. The good news (ha!) is that an antibiotic can help a bacterial infection, but can’t help a viral one.

  3. Whine away! I sympathize completely. When I was raising my son and working outside the house, it seemed I never gave in to being sick. Now that I work from home and have nobody depending on me for meals, laundry and homework, I am a miserable sick person when it hits. Stay in bed and watch something terrible on TV :)

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