Booklist likes Queen of Swords

Yiiiippppppeeeeee! A really good review from Booklist:

Donati, Sara. Queen of Swords. Oct. 2006. 564p. Bantam, $27 (0-533-80149-X).

In the fifth volume of her popular Wilderness series after Fire Along the Sky (2004), Donati sweeps readers into two strong women’s personal journeys of rescue and redemption. It is 1814 in the French Antilles, where Scots noblewoman Jennet Scott Huntar is being held captive. But when her future husband, Luke, and his half-sister, Hannah, finally locate and free her, their troubles have just begun. To ensure the safety of her son, born during her imprisonment, Jennet had made a devil’s bargain with a dissolute, untrustworthy man. As the trio travels from Pensacola to New Orleans in their attempts to learn the child’s whereabouts, Jennet struggles to heal herself and her marriage, while Hannah, half-Mohawk, uses her medical training to help the city’s Indian populace and faces deadly illness herself. It’s both a smoothly written, engrossing adventure about an early American family and a vivid depiction of the little-explored War of 1812, yet it’s more than that. Donati also delves into much deeper realities, such as race and prejudice in one of America’s famously multicultural cities, the complex patterns of revenge, the price of loyalty during wartime, and the transformative power of love. Avid historical fiction and romance readers will devour it. —Sarah Johnson

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  1. Ya know, IMO, her praise for your writing could descibe all of your previous ITW books. But the tidbits I got out of it are driving me crazy for the book…

  2. Rosina, this has made me hungry for so much more. Congrats on the review and I had no doubts anyways that it was going to be good!

  3. I discoverd you fist novel by accident and was hooked by the second page and I raced thru all to get to the end and find book 5 is still to come. I am in agony waiting but the review sounds fantastic. I am not sure of the release date for Australia but I hope I dont have to wait too much longer. I have become avidily fasinated with your characters and feel I am being seperated from close friends. Bring on Queen of Swords.

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