When will the next Wilderness book be out?

I am now writing the sixth novel in the series, which as yet has no title — I refer to it as Book Six. I hope to have it finished by summer 2008, and then the publisher needs six months to a year to publish it. I have no control over the timing, unfortunately. Thank you for your support, and I hope you’ll find this book — the last one in the series — worth the wait. Also see this post which goes into more detail about the creative process for book six.

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  1. Thanks for the update. It will be a bittersweet experience – reading the book. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is upto, but don’t want it to end.

  2. Oh geeze, I click on “Answer” and get an “error” message!! What does it say?! I can’t wait either, but it will be sad to say goodbye to Paradise…

  3. Mrs.MJ, I get the error, too, but I did some hocus pocus (right clicked the link, chose “view source,” then searched that mumbo-jumbo for the word “answer”). Here’s what I found, which I believe to be Rosina’s entire answer:

    “I am now writing the sixth novel in the series, which as yet has no title — I refer to it as Book Six. I hope to have it finished by March or April 2008, and then the publisher needs six months to a year to publish it. I have no control over the timing, unfortunately. Thank you for your support, and I hope you’ll find this book — the last one in the series — worth the wait.”

  4. Mrs. MJ, It says that she will have Book Six finished by March/April of 2008 and then the publisher needs six months to a year to publish. She has no control over the timing. She thanks us for our support and hope we find the wait worthwhile.

    Looking forward to Book Six. Will be sad to see it come to an end. But I look forward to your contemporary novels.

  5. Anxiously awaiting Book 6. I’m sorry to hear it’s the last book in the series, but at least you’re writing other books that I’m also looking forward to reading.

  6. I am so looking forward to finding out what’s up with our beloved characters! The thought of waiting another year to 18 months is dreadful … but I’ll be as patient as possible. :)

  7. I am with everyone else, waiting anxiously for the last book and at the same time not wanting it to end… I know I’ll love it!

  8. Was glad to hear about the new and final book in the Wilderness series. My memory isn’t what it used to be so I am going to wait and finish Queen of Hearts when your last book in the series comes out. I will probably have to go back and review the other books so I can remember all of the characters and what was going on with their lives. I recently read Tied to the Tracks and just absolutely loved it. I have Homestead here to read now. I didn’t know about all of these books at the start but now am glad that I found them and am looking forward to Pajama Girls when it comes out. Thank You!

  9. I just finished reading all 5 books in the series over the last 2 weeks! I had read books 4 and 5 when they came out, but had never read the first 3… so I had to get those and, of course, follow on and re-read the other two.

    My husband says he knows I’ll be busy when Book 6 comes out, because I’ll start at the beginning of the series again. Can’t wait.

  10. I was given Into the Wilderness by a co-worker earlier this year and was hooked. I read all the way through the series to Queen of Swords in about four weeks….then started all over again! The wait for Book 6 is agonizing, and knowing it’s the last is heartbreaking. I’ll miss the Bonner Family one and all, but know that they’ll live in my mind and heart always. Wonderful work!

  11. I’ve so enjoyed reading all of the Wilderness series. I’m just now finishing Queen of Swords. I’m contemplating re-reading the series, it’s that good. I too, like many others who have posted here, am happy to see a book six in the works, but am sad to know this wonderful story line is coming to an end. Thank you so much for writing this series! I will remember it always.


  13. Part of me can’t wait for the next book – part of me knows that I am going to mourn the loss of the Bonners and Paradise knowing that I’ll never visit them again. You have quite a job ahead of you tying up loose ends and saying everything that you want in one last book. (Are you SURE they won’t let you do another? Hey, I’ve got to ask.)

  14. I put off as long as I could reading the last chapter of Queen of Swords… I love this series and am looking forward to book six with mixed emotions. Thank you for a great story!

  15. If you need a proof-checker for your last novel, I’d be happy to oblige :-). Great series, thanks for making them up for us!

  16. I became acquainted with the Wilderness series through books on tape. I have loved every story. The writing is vivid and lyrical. But I wanted to also give praise to Kate Reading the narrator for books on tape. She is fantastic!! She brings the charactors to life like no one else could. Look forward to the next book.


  17. I am enchanted with the Wilderness Series and it will be difficult to wait for Book Six. It is a story that could go on forever and I would be happy.
    i am most looking forward to updates about Jemima and Martha. I hope to hear more about Hannah and I dread to read that Nathaniel or Elizabeth will pass on some day. I also hope to hear whaterver became of Hawkeye although maybe it is best to leave it alone but it would be nice to see him come home to Lake in The Clouds and have someone sing his death song for him. Thank you Rosina for these wonderful stories!

    Kathy Bruinsma December 20,2007

  18. Just finished Queen of Swords and have enjoyed every book immensly. Introducing new characters to an existing set so dearly loved was done superbly. You managed to get us to like them without having us feel overwhelmed by their numbers. The Wilderness series is a favorite place to spend hours reading. Thank you for that and I look forward to Book Six even though I fear Curiosity will join Galileo. She’s a most endearing and entertaining character.

  19. So many authors use history as a backdrop for sexual situations that it becomes common place. Sara Donati has transcended the usual and truly gives her readers a taste of just what it was like to live during America’s skirmishes with the British while it grew and matured into a truly powerful country. Hannah Bonner is a strong woman and I hope that book six is very long, six hundred pages at least. I hate to see this series end and maybe, just maybe someone out there will continue with future generations of the Bonner family. Thank you Rosina Lippi for entertaining us while we get a history lesson that we’ll remember.

  20. Patty Philbrook » Thank you, Patty. I’m rather fond of Curiosity myself. Let me just say you don’t have to worry about her too much.

  21. The network of people now reading and rereading the Wilderness series is growing all around me-am impatient to read no: 6 -will just have to reread all again!!!!

  22. I have mixed feelings on learning that #6 is in the works….but will tell the end of the tale. I trust all the threads will be neatly bundled….but I too wish they would go on. I agree about the stories of the lives of the Bonners being a history lesson to be remembered. If only all high school teachers could bring such interest to their students, and give life to often bland tales of events that shaped our (American) country. I also must comment on the dignity and respect (much due!) given to the oft forgotten characters and peoples of our checkered past. These are books I will read again and again, and hope that my children will also read someday. Thank you Rosina, for a wonderful series!

  23. I am 150 pages from the end of “Queen of Swords” and I am beginning to panic about what I will pick up next to read. I’ve lived with the Bonners for several months and will need a new group of very special people to get them out of my mind. Nobody removed Jamie and Claire Fraser until the Bonners. What a terrific writer you are. I love the detail; I’m there. Can’t wait for the next novel. Only a new Gabaldon coming out first will keep me going. Thank you for writing an incredible saga. One more isn’t enough, I need more! Guess I’ll try your Rosina Lippi books next.

  24. First off, THANK YOU, THANK You for such a wonderful book series. I’ve just completed Queen of Swords after neglecting my other library choices because I just counldn’t leave the Bonners behind. Now I must wait with patience to catch up with them in another year. Maybe I’ll have to come back to them again before Book Six comes out. What a joy to read and learn a little something at the same time. I have reccommended the series to my mother and friends who are all avid readers like me. Again thank you.

  25. i am looking forward to book 6 even though it will be the last.i am wearing the pages thin in the other5 waiting . so do hurry ,but i will try to be patient.I hope book 6 has somthing good for daniel .

  26. I started to read your wilderness books in English, just to get quicker access and now I´m looking forward to the last one. I find it very smart tha not focussing endlessly on the first main characters like Gabaldon does (of course I read them too). And because of that I`m sure number 6 will be entertaining like the others. Thanks for many pleasant hours from Germany

  27. I guess it is hurry up and wait….lol. So wait I will. As a American Indian my self, with ancestors in same general area it is nice to read about about them. Especially when it seems all the Indians west of the Mississippi get ALL the attention. Everyone seems to forget there are Indians with just rich history and culture east of the Mississippi.

  28. I am so worried about Elizabeth! and trying to be patient but it is really hard! I will start to read the wilderness books all over again, when I hear that the date of publication is near, just to get myself acclimatised

  29. just finished queen of swords. feel like these people are my friends and family (so much so that i cried when ben was likened to galileo, what a compliment). will wait impatiently for #6 and plan to explore more of your books, thanks for being such a good author and imaginative soul.

  30. I have just finished reading (for the second time) the Wilderness Series which will remain some of my favourite books. (Along with Jamie and Clare) I look forward to book 6 and the tying up of loose ends of the Bonner family. Thank you for the many hours of delightful reading.

  31. Can’t wait for book 6, with both the Wilderness series and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series nearing completion I’m stuck for what to read next. I’ve read all the current books 2 – 3 times. While I’ve explored different authors and genres, I keep coming back to these two wonderful authors. Bring on Book 6 (hopefully in time for Christmas 08 – you’ll take the guess work out of present buying for my husband).

    1. Try Jacqueline Carey Kushiel’d serues. Like you I love the wildderness series, and the outlander series I have only found 2 other series that meet theese 2 the other is Earth children by Jean M. Auel, the 1st book clan of the cave bear is a little slow but lays down the foundation for the rest of the series.

  32. I just started Queen of Swords. I absolutely loved all the other books. I was also thrilled to see some familiar names from Outlander in Into the Wilderness!! How fun was that!! I love all the characters, the settings, and the storylines keep my enthralled the entire book. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story. I look forward to reading the upcoming novel.

  33. I have read all your Wilderness series also, and I absolutely am thrilled with them. a must read series, readable many times over. Please, please don’t let your next book be the last. keep the Bonner Family going. there are many ways to extend the lives of this family, especially with Hanna, Jennette, etc.. Anxiously awaiting the release of your next Wilderness Series book, and please……please let it not be the last.

  34. I just picked up Queen of Swords at the library. I have loved these books. Also a fan of Sharon Kay Penmen and Diana Gabaldon. There are some history buffs here that have been meeting as a reading group for over 16 years. (We are well read women!!) I know folks tell you all the time they would love to proof read. I have read more than one book in an email state.

  35. After hearing rave reviews from a few friends about “Into the Wilderness”, I decided to pick it up. Now I thank them everytime I re-read it! This series is one of the best I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a few). I fell in love with Nathaniel’s character (although what woman wouldn’t?), and I can’t wait to see what happens to these characters as the series progresses.

    As a side note, I am pleasantly surprised to see how interactive Rosanna is with her readers. It’s common to scroll down a page of posts and see responses from her. Definitely one of my favorite authors.

  36. I first met the Boners when i was 15 but was without the funds to purchase the rest (my mother had bought it for me most probably unaware of what the story was actually about yet deciding it had a pretty cover so it must be good :p). 5 years later i rediscovered the first novel on my bookshelf and promptly made my way to the bookshop (driving quite a distance to one of their other stores when i discovered that they were out of stock and i couldn’t bear to wait for them to transfer the missing novels between stores)!
    These novels can make me laugh and cry all within the space of a single page, they leave me thinking about them throughout the day and craving for the time to come when i can get back home and continue reading! From reading the comments above its clear that I’m not the only one to feel this way, more than that its also clear that no one else is looking forward to the end of the series. I’ve been trying to accept that they cant go on forever yet with such lovable characters and a story so well written its very hard to convince myself that it has to come to an end sooner or later.
    A post by Marsha K (above) begs for it to not be the end and I hope too that the story of the Bonner’s wont stop at the 6th novel. I remain secretly hoping you wont be able to let the story go anymore than its readers and that there may in fact be further books on the way. Thanks for an amazing story!

  37. Add me to the list of those impatiently waiting for book number six.  I read all five books in the space of two weeks and then my husband began to read them too.  He’s currently reading Queen of Swords and we both just love the series.  Only Gabaldon’s and Auel’s series are on a par with your wilderness series.  Thank you for those many hours that I spent reading about the Bonners and their friends.  Of course, housework, cooking etc., was put on the back burner until I’d finished all five books.  I know it’ll be the same once I get my hands on book number six.  Fortunately, my husband understands because he’s hooked, too.   

  38. I’m so glad that I set this page up. I come and read through all these messages when I’m feeling frustrated with Six. And Linda, please tell your husband he’s not alone. I get quite a lot of mail from guys who like the books.

  39. I have just finished reading Queen of Swords so now I will have to wait another six months or more to read the final episode. That is soooooooooooooo Sue Grafton.

    It took me over a month to polish off all five books but it was worth it.

    Very interesting characters & you are not afraid to killl them off as necessary.

    One observation is that if this ever went to screen Curiousity Freeman is Wanda Sykes.

  40. Since new Zealand is the first country in the world to see in the new day, do you think we could also be the first country in the world to get your much wanted book number “6”, about 6 months earlier than everyone else, ie NOW! would suit me just fine, I can’t wait! Sorry rest of the world!

  41. Hi! I have only discovered the wilderness series last fall and quickly (or as quickly as I could between schoolwork as I am a history undergrad) read and bought every book in the series. I would just like to say to Sara that you have done a really great job with the whole series and I am anxiously awaiting the sixth book. Being half Mohawk myself, I find it awesome that I finally have a character to relate to – Hannah. I also really appreciate that you used many Mohawk words, it made me remember my Mohawk lessons as a kid and made me think of my grandparents (my tota and my bubba) and everyone else in my Mohawk family. But, the way you spell Mohawk – Kanyenkehaka, is not how I spell it – I was taught to spell it Kanienkehaka. But that’s okay, putting a ‘y’ makes it easier for people who don’t know how to pronounce the words. Also, I really liked the fact that you put Montreal into the stories, that is the city I was born in :) and attend school in. It was great to see French in the book to, as I am half French-Canadian too :)

    Thank you for writing such great books that really touched me :) :) :)

    I am really looking forward to your next book and so I hope as soon as you know when it comes out you will let us all know no matter what you are doing or how late or early in the day it is lol.

    P.S. I have lent Into the Wilderness to my cousin and so far she really likes it :) I will probably convince my mother to read it too.

  42. I have just finished the entire series (again) this time I’ve read from begining to end in about three months, in anticipation of the next book being here soon. But I have some time to wait for that, oh well I guess I’ll have time to re-read the entire series again (& again?) before the next one is here.

  43. I will say it again: You are all very kind, and I’m fortunate to have you as readers.

  44. I loved the Wilderness series and have gotten several others interested in them as well.  I had read the Galbadon series of stories and loved them.  Then ran across Into the Wilderness.  I was reading through the book and ran across the reference to the Mohaw and white healer and then red-haired Jamie that was her husband in that book … and it was just too much.  Anyway, I have loved the historical novels.  I always try to do some research into the happenings in the books and see how it compares to fact or other fiction.I was just wondering if the book “In the Wilderness” was using characters from the movie “Last of the Mohicans” versus the book.  In the book, Cora dies, and her sister lives, but is not romantically involved with Hawkeye.  That is something the movie did.  Anyway, interesting reading and I look forward to the next.

  45. I LOVE these books.  I am so impatient but will not hound you for book 6.  I know it must be very hard to finish the stories of all these wonderful people.  I can see them in my mind and love to imagine all the things they will do with their lives.  I have read the first 5 books so many times, I probably have them memorized.  I will devour the next book and cry a river when I am finished and know that it is the end.   Lots of luck. Heather

  46. Thank you so much fora delightful series which I have just finished for the third time and read in sequence instead of yearly editions this time!!!! Much better!  So looking forward to #6 in the series, even if it is the final, so well written.  Thanks again.

  47. Sara love the wilderness series carnt wait to read the sixth book. Keep up the “great ” work.                                                               Cheers,                                                                          Natalie

  48. Dear Sara/Rosina,
      I am so sorry to see the end of the Wilderness series.  There are few historical books of such great interest available.  I have read my copies every summer for the last 7 years or so.  I hope that you decide to write more in the historical area…Thank you for giving me a place to run to in the hot summer sun every year.  Nathaniel is such a detail character he must be real some where. There are times when he turns up in my dreams at night…that is how good of character he is. LOL!  Know that your Wilderness series has touched so many people, especially me.  What a wonderful escape for a mother of 5 to have. 

  49. I am dreading the release of book 6. Knowing that the final chapter in these lives, for us to be apart of, is nearly over, rips my heart out. I content myself by knowing they are always at my fingertips whenever i need a fix. I have never been moved so much by a story before, it is hard to believe that these characters are not around me. But then they are in a way. Always with me and pulling me back to a place to lose track of time and reality. I am forever grateful, Rosina for your talent. If i never read again, ( god help me!!!!) I will be content with this series of books. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  50. Rosina,
    You are gifted. And I thank you for sharing your gift with the world by writing such an incredibly moving, gripping and heartwarming series as Into The Wilderness. I agree with missjane that I dread the 6th book as much as I look forward to it. I never want it to end and will read and re-read this series as long as I live because I don’t just read the story I live in it. And living in upstate New York and recognizing so many of the names has made it doubly interesting. I will continue to tell every new reader I meet about this wonderful series.

  51. Well, I have really enjoyed reading this “Wilderness” series thus far and will undoubtly enjoy the 6th book as well. I am now enjoying James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans”. It’s almost like the prequel to the Wilderness series……….the origins of his characters Hawkeye and Chingnachook .

  52. Dear Sara,
    Like everyone else that have adored your Wilderness series, I will be so sad to see the end of them after Book.
    I have given my lovely daughter who has just given birth to her 4th baby my series of them and she is totally in love already with them
    Thankyou once again for sharing your gift with the world.
    Avid and Adoring follower of your works
    PS. How clever of you to mention Clair, Ian and Jamie Fraser in your first novel. Any possibility of referring to them again in the last novel?

  53. Dear Rosina,
    Have so enjoyed the Wilderness Series and am looking forward to #6 with all the patience God gave me. Have in the past always re-read from the start of the series before each new book comes out. Judging from the comments above, this is not uncommon and I also, will continue to enjoy re-reading them in the years to come. Thank you so much for the many happy hours you have given me.

  54. Book 6??!! I stumbled upon this series quite by accident. I bought a sale copy of “Dawn on a Distant Shore” from a book club catalogue because I liked the title, having no idea about the story. I didn’t realise it was the second book in a series until it came – and of course they had no copies left of the first book. I put it on the shelf and thought nothing more about it. A few weeks ago I was walking through the markets and lo and behold, there was a copy of Into the Wilderness. I was thrilled that I could finally put the story together. A couple of days ago I took it out to skim it, and was completely and utterly taken in! How vivid these characters are to me, how real the villiage and how breathtaking the forests. I find myself hiding in corners, just to get in another page. I am reading love scenes while stirring soup, thumping my fist at injustice when I am supposed to be asleep and being completely swept away by an epic romance that I find myself thinking about while gardening.Nathaniel and Elizabeth have me captivated, and my husband and children now roll their eyes and say “Oh, she’s off finding out about Nathaniel again…” I am almost finished this wonderful first book and it is only the knowledge that I own the second book that has me feeling comfortable about finishing it.
    I stumbled across this site and I am to discover that this journey will not end at the end of book 2, but goes on for a total of 6 books – how wonderful, I am thrilled!
    I am Australian, but Pioneer America has always interested me, and I think I suffer a displacement issue as I am quite certain I was supposed to be born somewhere in those mountains :) My 8 year old daughter is very much like me and has already insisted she have a cabin like that on the cover – a “goat woman” in the making.
    I am utterly, utterly enchanted with your book and look forward to many happy hours of reading through the series.You have a rare talent, and I assure you I am not easily pleased. What a fortunate bunch of people we are to be able to read the fruits of your labour. Thank you, thank you.

  55. Dear Sara, thank you so very much for the many hours of enjoymnent I have gotten from your Bonner novels.  I can not wait until the 6th and final book come out.  Please reconsider a 7th?  Seven is a much nicer number to end on don’t you think?  You have a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with us.  Any update as to when the 6th is coming out?  Mary Ann

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