Bonner / Savard Family Tree and The Gilded Hour

The purpose of this family tree is to establish the relationship between two of the primary characters in The Gilded Hour: Liliane (Anna) Savard and Sophie Elodie Savard, both orphaned as children and raised together in their Aunt Quinlan’s Manhattan home.

It also gives you an idea of what Nathaniel’s offspring have been doing since you saw them last. You’ll run into a few of them in the new novel, but briefly.

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  1. You know, I was just thinking about something like this the other time. I’m on my annual re-read of the Wilderness series (currently on Fire Along the Sky) and I started wondering which family members the new book was going to cover.

    And here’s my answer, so thanks so much for this.

  2. YAY! A family tree is always fun and it’s nice to see what happened to the family after The Endless Forest. Looking forward to reading your latest novel and reconnecting with the Bonners/Savards.

  3. I have loved this series and can’t wait for the next book. I read the first 3 books in 3 weeks, book 4 in 4 days and Queen of Swords in 2 days. Will have to take a break before book 6, my eyes are exhausted and my house and family could use some of my attention. This series is right up there with The Outlander series in my opinion. Thanks.

    1. Well, you made my day. Queen of Swords in 48 hours must be record of some kind. Thanks very much for taking the time to leave the note. It means a great deal to me.

  4. I am a lifelong reader of historical novels with many areas of interest including the colonial & Revolutionary War history of North America. Last of the Mohicans w/Daniel Day Lewis & Madeline Stowe is one of my very favorite movies. This intrigued me when I ran across your Wilderness series, that you continued that story. My children will tell you that I ‘fall into’ any book that I love, and that I will read nonstop till I’m done, barely stopping for food & ‘potty’ breaks. I bought ‘Into the Wilderness’ 01-24-15, ‘Dawn on a Distant Shore’ 01-27-15, the other books on 02-02-15. I finished ‘The Endless Forest’ at 2a.m. today! Loved every plot twist, every word! you’ve got me; if it has your name on it, I’ll be reading it! BTW, I’m also into genealogy so appreciated the chart. Looking forward to The Gilded Hour

    1. Karen — thank you so much for getting in touch. It’s a tremendous boost to hear from new readers. Especially such happy ones.

  5. I love The Wilderness series and have read The Gilded Hour twice. It is captivating. If I read the family tree and your descriptions correctly, Anna is Birdie’s daughter which would make Lilly her aunt, not her great aunt which is how she is described twice in my Kindle edition. Is that correct? And I love that Sophie is Hannah’s granddaughter. Although a novel leading up to the Gilded Hour would be wonderful, I would be content with a sequel. Thank you!

    1. Lynn — You are right, Anna is Birdie’s daughter, and thus Lily is her aunt. I will have to go find those errors and see that they get corrected. I’m so glad to hear that you are looking forward to the next novel — because I’m writing it. Thanks very much for your supportive words.

  6. Hi Rosina, I was so happy to find The Gilded Hour, I loved your Wilderness books and found it very hard to say goodbye to the characters at the end of series. I read somewhere that you were stopping writing as Sara Donati and was very disappointed so I can’t tell you how happy I was to find The Gilded Hour and I’m loving it!. And I was over the moon to discover that Anna & Sophie are related to Nathaniel & Elizabeth. Thanks

    1. Lynne — thanks so much for stopping by, and for the kind words of support. I’m so glad to hear that you’re liking The Gilded Hour. If you haven’t seen the website you might want to have a look, as there’s a lot of information about connections between the series and this newer novel. GH Website.

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