Blame Amazon. Please.

I emailed my editor about the Amazon situation (in which they give 29 December 09 as the release date for The Endless Forest), and got this reply… but before you read it, I ask you NOT to shoot the messenger.

But as it turns out, [at Amazon] they don’t know everything. In the usual shift of getting the best position on our list, THE ENDLESS FOREST has moved a month later to an on sale date of 1/26 and a pub month of February. Amazon will have the new date within a couple of weeks when they update their feed from our system.

I’m not happy, either.

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  1. I’ll just have to ask for it as a Valentine’s Day present. Regardless, I’ve already preordered it. I’ll take it whenever it comes.

  2. Read my mind ahvelosa. And Rosina: how romantic can you make your promos – Pyjama Girls will be tough to beat.

  3. Delicious!! I am hooked already and can’t wait for it to hit the press!! I work in a library here in NC and have already put in a request for ‘The Endless Forest’. It saddens me to think this is the last as these characters have become friends and I became involved in their lives. I love the historical element to your writing and it has opened up eras of history for me that I was not knowledgeable. It has encouraged me to dig further into these eras with the background you have provided.

    Many of the readers here have become hooked on the series after my suggesting your first book, ‘Into the Wilderness’ and they are waiting also!!!!!

    Thank you, Rosina! In the future, are you going to write under Sara Donati or Rosina? That would be a help to know.

    Have a blessed day!!!

  4. I’m a patient person but February of 2010! Oh well, it will certainly be worth the wait. I love the cover, it makes me want to jump in to the scene.
    Does this really have to be the last in the series?

  5. I noticed that we can pre Order The Endless Forest in hardback but not for the Kindle. I hope that that does not mean that we Kindle addicts will not have to wait a long time for the last book in the series to be available for Kindle.

    I keep clicking the “I want to read this book on Kindle” at Amazon. But I have no idea if that helps.

  6. @Christina Rhys: it will be on Kindle, I promise. They will probably put the Kindle edition on pre-order status closer to the pub date.

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