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The Queen of Swords cover is up. I still love the art work, but on the whole it looks rather odd, I think, because the bands at the top and bottom will be in gold foil, but here they come across as kinda offensively tan/brown.

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  1. The cover still looks eye catching. It’s something that would definitely catch my attention if I was walking by.

  2. It looks as if they toned down the clevage from before, I like that. Quick Question: Amazon says the book is going to be out on Oct. 31? you say 15th?

  3. When you first showed us the photo, I was a little perplexed about not seeing the woman’s face. But then I realized when I went to the book section in Target that there is a series of books out where they show the body of a woman in period dress (medieval looking), and cut off the face with the title. AND they end up looking really, really sharp.

    This one will look spectacular too. The gold foil will set it off nicely, I think. But yeah, the orange, not so much.

  4. I like how this cover shows the excitement and adventure your books have, the other covers have all been elegant but never this exciting. I feel it gives the potential reader a peek at the adventure and drama they will find inside, something that I felt the other books toned down a bit. You know by looking at this cover this story’s gonna have action, adventure and romance. Plus it’s a Donati- good stuff anyway. *wink*

  5. I think it looks great. Don’t worry about the tan/brown, the colors of computer images don’t usually match what the printed page comes out as. Especially where there’s going to be foil. This is your first Donati jacket that I think really matches the mood of your books.

  6. The official cover art – how exciting! There’s a little bit of me that is bothered by how different it will look when set next to the other four (but, then, I’m also bothered by the fact that I bought the last book in hardcover and all the previous in soft cover and they don’t align on the shelf…I have problems, I think). This is definitely the most intriguing cover in the series to date, and I love that the face is cut off – it draws me into the rest of the image.

  7. Sorry, had to comment to Tracy! I do the same thing. If I buy one book in hardback, all of them in the series have to be. I bought the first two in paperback and the 3rd and 4th in hardback and now I am going to have to buy the 1st two in paperback so they all match on my bookshelf. If there is something wrong with you then there is something wrong with me too!! :) Lets be crazy together!

  8. I think this cover is great- if I didn’t know anything about the Wilderness Series, I would definitely pick this book up from the shelf. It is very eye catching. (Silly me, when I first saw it, I thought the sword was an oar and that she was paddling a boat. Hmm.) It has a pirate feel to it as well. I am so excited!

  9. I like that the women’s face is cut off. I already have an image of what I think each of the characters look like and act like (as I’m sure you all do). A clear picture of the women’s face on the cover would kind of ruin that for me a bit. I cannot wait for this to finally come out!

  10. I like the covers on all of the books, and this one ranks at the top of the list. I think it is beautiful and I am so excited that it will be out soon.

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