I forget sometimes that people new to the weblog might be confused by abbreviations. Jody asked about the word ARC. If you know all about this, you can skip the next bit.

ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy. Basically the publisher takes the first pass proofs of the novel — that is, the uncorrected proofs — and binds them into large format soft covers. They don’t print a lot of ARCs, and there is always fierce competition for them. The lion’s share goes out to the reviewers and booksellers in the hope that they’ll fall madly in love and publicize the book and/or write good things about it; authors and their agents get a couple copies. It’s really pitiful to see, but I have to admit I have begged and groveled to get more ARCs than they want to send me. And I have to fight my agent for them too. She actually needs them to send out when she’s making a pitch for an overseas sale, so she’s got a good reason.

So why do I want ARCs? Because I have people chomping at the bit. People who helped with research or gave me feedback, who want to see the damn thing. And I have readers like you all. I like giving away ARCs — as long as some ground rules can be established. Which I’ll talk about next week when I give the first Queen of Swords ARC away. Probably on Monday.

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  1. Would you be willing to make us wait till mid next week? Memorial Day is Monday and (my) family get-togethers may be ruined by extreme internet sessions anxiously awaiting the ARC.
    Either way, I can’t wait to see your new work.

  2. My mother and I have read all your books and are looking forward to your next books. By the way where did the dedication for the second Wilderness book come from, the one by Marquez? My Mother just LOVED it.

  3. Thanks for the Wednesday target date. I’ll have much more access to the internet that day!

  4. I try to have patience, I really do, but I usually skip to bribery (wait, I’ve already done that. By the way my husband says my beef stroganoff is the best!).

  5. I have just finished Fire Along the Sky and now I am looking forward to reading Queen of Swords. I love the Wilderness series and find your books very hard to put down.

  6. Wow. I was looking for something to fill the gap coming off of the Outlander series (which I devoured) and I read the Wilderness series (which I also devoured with equal love and adoration). I got way more than I had even hoped for! Your series is amazing and your characters are so rich and real. I absolutely loved all four books and will be going nuts until Queen of Swords comes out! Just like the Outlander series I am now in mourning that I can no longer read about the lives of the Bonners and feel cut off. Sigh! Thank you for such a great series that I couldn’t put down! I will be awaiting more books….. :)

  7. Sara,

    I too was lost after reading Outlander. It was a lucky day when I heard about your series. I’m in the middle of Fire Along the Sky and am slowing down my reading pace. Just don’t want it to end. October can’t come quick enough. Diana Gabaldon and Sara Donati, two truly gifted authors! I hope I can find others like you.

  8. Sadly, I just finished Fire Along the Sky…tried to stretch it out but it finally came to the end. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed these books. After reading Outlander, I felt lucky to find another can’t-put-the-book-down series. Since I have to wait until October I think I am going to go back to book one. Gabaldon and Donati, two outstanding authors, thanks so much.

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