I like architectural drawings. Always have. Every once in a while I wonder about taking a drafting course and then of course the reality of my daily routine makes short work of such fantasies.
architectural drawings
There’s a wonderful Canadian website on the architectural heritage of British Columbia, with lots of visuals and historical information. For example there’s extensive information about the South Park School, including a perspective sketch (seen here), and a whole series of measured drawings on elevations, sections, floor plans, and design details.

For Pajama Jones I have permission (I have given myself permission) to get all involved in discussions of historical landmarks in the south, particularly older mills and manufacturing facilities that are historical, but have fallen into repair and need to be taken care of. Most likely I’ll be using a textile factory for PJ, but I have been thinking a lot about the possibility of an older tobacco processing plant or, more fun, a very old distillery. There’s one in Tennessee that dates back to the 1700s which has been neglected and falling apart for the last fifty years or so. Now if I could only find architectural drawings of it.