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  1. I am glad shes home. Mine was only gone for a week and I was having nightmares about what could happen to him. He was only and hour and a half away and with my mother.
    Perhaps she could join the forum and post some of those stories. I think it would be interesting.

  2. Good, she’s home. Now I can tell my #2’s hairraising story during her summer in NYC before her senior year in high school. Group of peers at Barnard on subway. Mine was too polite to push her way off the train at the correct station. Went on alone to the next station – Harlem. Got off, didn’t want to pay to go the other direction 1 stop. Mouthed off, called attention to herself. Had to pay and go up/down stairs anyway. Followed by a sleazeball all the way. Dumped herself off at the correct station in hysterics. Barnard had notified all police, subway people, etc.; so she was fairly safe. Alls well that ends well. She learned her lesson: When in doubt, push. Someone from NYC or Chicago wouldn’t have been in trouble; southerners sometimes can be too polite.

  3. Subways offer so many possibilities for alternate story endings. My family’s travels in London England are marked in my memory by the “Mind the Gap” notices, grabbing my brothers back from the edges of all sorts of platforms, and the terror of thinking we might become separated from each other by those unthinking doors. I loved that movie Sliding Doors – really played on my fear in a way.
    Glad your kids all survived the NYC subways. Never had the pleasure.

  4. Very Nice Rosina, that’s my favorite thing to do is create montages like that. Very Very Nice!

  5. It’s a lovely trailer, but the font, although beautiful and evocative, is sometimes a little tricky to read, particularly when the text scrolls past very quickly.

  6. Go, you! I am impressed with your skill with imovie. Hope it gets a lot of curious clicks on youtube.

  7. P.S. I am SO relieved they improved the cover for the paperback release. The cover on the hardback just didn’t say anything helpful or alluring to me. And although it said “south” it looked like a plantation house, not a college town. Just. Not. Right.

  8. Whew. I’m glad y’all like it.

    Laura — well, shoot. I tested this on a couple of different people and slowed down the text bits quite a lot. Tested it again (different people) and nobody mentioned that problem again. Maybe I should have gone with good old Geneva, but I do love this font, it says TTTT to me.

    Maybe I’ll have the energy, time and courage to try another reedit soon.

    Robyn — you are absolutely right about the hardcover jacket. And I said as much to the Putnam people, but publishers are very protective of their control over the cover art.

  9. Loved it Rosina, it was so evocative I now have to go and read TTT for the third time!

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