And I was doing so well…

Well, hell.

This sometimes happen towards the end of a novel. 200,000+ and I realize I have to start all over from scratch. Dump the whole thing.

I’ll try to get it done within a year.

Okay, I’m kidding. But I do have to rewrite three chapters. That’s better than the whole thing, no?

In the meantime, the trade paper release of Pajama Girls is just around the corner, and the marketing people are starting to rouse themselves. If you plan on ordering it from Amazon at some point, why not preorder it now? It would certainly help if folks showed an early interest.

Click the cover to be magically transported to Amazon:

[asa book]0425225917[/asa] I realize that this cover does not show up well on a white background; when I have a chance I’ll give it a frame.

11 Replies to “And I was doing so well…”

  1. Sorry you have to rewite three chapters.  Good Luck with it!  Already preordered my copy from Amazon months ago! Can’t wait to get it!

  2. When I read the first paragraph I thought  you must be in the middle a major  breakdown, throwing and breaking things like Jemima’s mother-in-law and yelling like a banshee.  But then I read further and I agree – 3 chapters is WAY better than having to rewrite the whole book.
    Here’s to your muse, being helpful when she’s waving around her cigar, as you write.

  3. Three chapters is one hell of a rewrite.  When I was writing essays at uni, I used to agonise over the deletion of a single paragraph!

  4. Good grief! In desparation I figured how to get beyond the ellipses. Yep, I know, you can’t resist monkeying around with the website. 3 chapters is a whole lot better than the whole thing. Easy for me to say since you’re doing the rewrite and I’m not.Just did some stats on QofS, since I still have the database of questions, answers, etc. to guess what your 3 chapters amounts to.65 chapters, average of 8.3 pages per chapter. Minimum page count (Chapt 33) = 1. Maximum page count (Chapts 23 and 46) = 20. Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. asdfg: you are a hoot. I’ll make sure the mathematician sees this, he’ll appreciate your approach.


    You’re right that i fiddle with the weblog theme, but never out of the clear blue sky. The update something in the software, and as a result, things break, and that, I can’t stand. So I have to fix it.  I’m hoping I can hang onto this format for a while.

  6. hi
    Just wanted to know when “The Endless Forest” will be available. I’ve read the first 3, going to buy the next 2, but would like to have them all. One of the best series I’ve ever read.
    Myrna Badertscher

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