an exception to my own rule, and writing stuff

When I started this weblog I decided I would stay away from politics. There are a lot of blogs out there that do politics exclusively and much better than I could, and I figured that I should stick to the original idea: to write about writing.

I’m making a short exception today, to point to thisTalkLeft post, which provides the entire draft of a proposal

calling for a reinsatement of the draft–for men and women–ages 18-34, not just to those who might qualify for active military duty, but for those with skills the Government finds helpful in war–linguists, medical workers, etc. Just about everyone.

There’s more information on the Alliance for Security website. A lot more, all of it disturbing.

The media isn’t paying much attention to this topic, but I hope the rest of us will. For the record: I am not in principle opposed to any military draft; I am opposed to a draft put in place to fight preemptive wars declared on false grounds.

On other fronts, I need to go write. Things are moving, and so must I.

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  1. I have to agree that the proposal is disturbing and totally concur with your view. As someone who is not an American citizen however, I understand that those who are citizens may have the opinion that I have no right to comment. I offer my opinion only as a member of the human race who believes that regardless of origin, culture or citizenship, we all have the right to determine how our abilities are used and should not be forced otherwise by any authority or government.

    On a lighter note… excitement abounds here in NZ. Official release date for FaS is Oct 1st. I enquired at my local bookshop and they already have 49 copies pre-ordered. Not bad for a relatively small town eh? So the countdown is on and I can’t wait to get my own copy in my hands and shut myself away for the weekend.
    thanks Sara

  2. i’ve read emails/reports/rumors of a draft bill being reinstated as early as june of this upcoming year, in which men and women will be drafted, and college will not be an escape… plus removal to canada will be strictly monitered. i don’t know how reliable the source, but the idea is terrifying! its an issue which many politicians are trying to keep under the table while the election goes on – and more public notice should be created i think – on a side note, i luved the new book –

  3. The remarks that the draft will be reinstated have been made by John Kerry, John Edwards and Max Cleland but the president has said there is no need for a draft. There are bills in the House and Senate but there are only a handful of sponsors and cosponssors and all of these are Democrats. This is an election year and all sort of remarks are being made. We don’t have to worry about any draft in the future. Comments are thrown out by the very party that has a few supporters of this bill. I’m not a member of either party but I do know this is just scare tactics in an election year.

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