an exception to my own rule, and writing stuff

When I started this weblog I decided I would stay away from politics. There are a lot of blogs out there that do politics exclusively and much better than I could, and I figured that I should stick to the original idea: to write about writing.

I’m making a short exception today, to point to thisTalkLeft post, which provides the entire draft of a proposal

calling for a reinsatement of the draft–for men and women–ages 18-34, not just to those who might qualify for active military duty, but for those with skills the Government finds helpful in war–linguists, medical workers, etc. Just about everyone.

There’s more information on the Alliance for Security website. A lot more, all of it disturbing.

The media isn’t paying much attention to this topic, but I hope the rest of us will. For the record: I am not in principle opposed to any military draft; I am opposed to a draft put in place to fight preemptive wars declared on false grounds.

On other fronts, I need to go write. Things are moving, and so must I.