Amazon does its part for Pajama Girls

The listing for Pajama Girls is up — with cover image — at Amazon. Here it is if you want to have a look.

Two things I wanted to point out: The list price is $24.95, but the Amazon price is $16.47, and:

Pre-order this item now and you will receive an additional 5% off at checkout. Also, if the price decreases between your order time and release date, you’ll receive the lowest price as well as the 5% pre-order discount.

Which is a pretty darn good deal. And also, if you know you are going to buy a copy, preordering now will help get things off the ground Book distributors pay a lot of attention to early orders.

And one more thing. For a limited time Amazon is offering gift wrapping for ninety-nine cents. Just sayin.

bon bon slippersBehind the scenes I’m thinking about promotional efforts, and I wanted to ask your opinion on something. If I had a drawing and gave away (to two or three people) signed copies along with a pair of slippers, do you think guys might be intrested? I mean, if it gets to them before Valentine’s day. The slippers I’m thinking about are from Goody Goody, and they are called Bon Bon slippers. There are at least two dozen styles, for example the one you see here.

So the question: how do you think this giveaway would go over?

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  1. I think it’s a fabulous idea! (And I love those slippers! I’ve seen them before in fancy little boutiques and thought they were fun and gorgeous!)

  2. Not necessarily male, but including that group. People who want to give a nice Valentine’s gift to a sweetie. No restrictions on gender combinations.

    I’m just wondering if I might be able to get people over here who aren’t my usual (wonderful) readers.

  3. That promotion is unique and very appealing. It would be successful and is great. Who could resist those adorable slippers.

  4. I think it is an interesting and neat promotion. I also think that guys might only find the promotion by tricky not-so-subtle hints left by their ladies.

  5. Perhaps I’ll donate my two cents… I think it’s a lovely idea! However, I’m afraid that men are too dense to pick up on it. (At least my husband is.) BUT I think that it has definite appeal for women. If any of the ladies here are lucky enough to have a husband who LISTENS to those “hint hints,” well then more power to you! But for the rest of us, we’ll just have to register OURSELVES and hope for the best. :-)

  6. The slippers are too pretty to wear. Not really into slippers, but my daughters would wear them dancing around the house. So for the novelty it’d work. A silk(ish) kimono robe is more my speed, and they’re usually one-size-fits-all, too. Maybe a combo of sleepwear delicacies is in order? A la carte, so to speak.

  7. I love the idea, and my hubby would enter if I asked him to. I’d probably enter in order to give the gift set to my mom, and then buy a copy of the book for myself. She’s more of a slipper girl than I am.

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