birds of a feather: your contributions

Edited to say: some gremlin type trouble with this entry, I had to delete and repost it which means comments were lost. I apologize.

I was surprised and delighted with the range of rewrites I got on Birds of a Feather Flock Together. And no, I don’t have the winner yet. Later today, I promise. In the meantime, many honorary titles must be awarded:

Ulisse Aldrovandi - Blue-Headed Quail-Dove - W...

Ulisse Aldrovandi – Blue-Headed Quail-Dove – WGA00142 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most succinct
Sarandipity: Kindred critters congregate

Most poetic
Kelly: Fowl fly in flocks familiar.

Most philosophically provocative:
Nicole T: Mediocre minds meditate on modernistic manure while faithful followers find fortitude and freedom in their faith.


Most philosophically provocative (runner up):
Carolyn S: Bush supporters being similar to salamanders often slither together.

Best reinterpretation
Rosely: Similar souls seek solace in solidarity.

Best use of one of my favorite words
Leslie: Likeminded larks lollygag locally.

Most inventive
Erin: Gaggles of geese gad in gangs.

Most eruditiously puzzling
Miguel: Similis Pennatus Scelestus Pennipotenti Socius

Most strenuous
Jessica: Analagous avian amigos assemble adjunctly, ascending above all alarms and anxieties.

Most analytic
Robyn: Similar societies stay in sync.

Most caffeinated
asdfg: The quail quintet quaffed at the quincunx of quaiches. The quartet of quadrupeds were quite querulous toward the quails. “K’witt, k’woo?” queried a quail. The quadrupeds quelled their quarry: “Quiet!” Quailed, the quivering quails quietly quit their quest of quaffing, becoming quiescent.

Most goal oriented:
Soup: Copy coveting contestants concoct confined compositions commonly.

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