acknowledgements & you

Quick note: I’ve got a long list of names of peoplewho hang out here who have been encouraging and helpful over the past couple years. I’m going to try to put them all in the acknolwedgements. However, I know I’ll miss names out. So if you think you should be on that list (and you probably should be), please email me. Also, if you KNOW you’re on the list, please email me anyway and let me know how you want to be identified. asdfg: I’m looking at you.

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  1. Pronounce what? OK, I’ll email. I didn’t know Rosina could see me through my computer screen. I’ll have to be more careful what I do in the future since she’s looking at me. Which reminds me …. My mother admonished me as a teenager to drive carefully because, no matter where I went, she had friends who would report back to her. So she ALWAYS knew what I was doing. And I believed her!

  2. Thinks it’s pronounced like that noise ya make when attempting to stop a sneeze. ;)
    Didja know there was a Russian business man whom attempte ta copywrite the “;)” smiley, tis true. Failed thankfully.

  3. Oh, my name. Well, Wolfy’s right in the first part of the pronunciation, but the end is a swear word with the nose clogged up. Kinda like, ashoo fooy, but not exactly. No X ratings here!

  4. And Ms. Lippi, is there really only one more Wilderness book? I’m SOOO happy that there’s a 6th but I have to admit that I want MORE! Would there be any possibility of perhaps taking some of the children and branching off? I love that time period and the romance and the characters so very much and I will miss them greatly.

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