about covers: go read Bookseller Chick

I have never made any secret of my interest in book design or cover art, and now here comes Bookseller Chick with two really great, in depth posts (maybe more to come?) about the way cover art actually acts on (or fails to act on) potential book buyers.
The Illuminator
The first post deals with the topic more generally and includes examples of what works and what doesn’t seem to attract browsers. She’s got the cover for The Illuminator up as an example of what works. I snurched the jpg you see here from her — apparently this is a resdesign. Let me say, this is the kind of cover I’m drawn to personally and which I find interesting in a variety of ways, so it’s good to know my instincts are at least somewhat in tune. Now if the publishers would only catch on.

The second post — you’ll find the link at the bottom of the first — deals with romance covers. A topic that is often taken up by the Smart Bitches, but which is addressed by BSC from a different angle. A really useful angle. If only the publishers would pay attention.