a word on the creativity of reviews

Writemeastory (down there in NZ) has posted asking about a review that refers to Hannah’s ‘final act’ of bravery and what exactly is meant by final, and if she should be braced for something awful. The short answer is: don’t worry. Hannah survives.

Thus far it looks as though the review gremlins have decided to be nice to Fire Along the Sky, which of course is great news, wonderful news, I’m very happy– but. It’s pretty much always the case that reviewers get something factual wrong. No matter what reviewers say, Nathaniel Bonner is not half Mohawk, nor was he raised by the Mohawk; Hannah’s actions in the new book are not final, in any way. There are a dozen other mythologies perpetrated by reviewers, the biggest of which is an early review which stated that ITW was a ‘sequel to Last of the Mohicans’ — which it is not, was never meant to be, could not be. I never claimed such a thing, but I’ve been paying for that reviewer’s opinion ever since, because I get all kinds of critical comments based on the idea that it was meant to be such a sequel.

Thus, while I look for reviews and hope for good ones, I’m no longer surprised or even upset by the factual errors, and you shouldn’t take anything in a review as gospel.

On other fronts, I’m having trouble opening up comments on older posts (I closed them all while I was away), but I’m still working on it. I’m also pretty jet lagged, but here’s good news: my internet connection has stopped being wonky (DNS server was having fits, so I changed it). Bear with me for a short time while I get back up to speed.

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  1. Hi Sara (again!)
    I just thought I’d add, in case you were wondering, that the little gem I got from the internet earlier was from Amazon.com and under “From the Inside Flap” under the reviews section of FAS.

  2. I have just returned from Bellingham and visiting my sister who lives there. We have shared our enthusiam over books for decades, and she shared hers with me about INTO THE WILDERNESS. I am about halfway through it, and although I have often felt that there are no good books left to read, I find that I was incorrect and am very preoccupied with Elizabeth and Nathaniel…especially Nathaniel. What to do about falling in love with Nathaniel Bonner? I am looking for him everywhere and feel quite silly about it! Thank you for the gift of this story and these wonderful characters. I had forgotten what it feels like to experience new love. j

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