a word on comments, commenters, and trust

Some of you are wondering why you are a trusted commenter one minute, and the next minute you have to be approved again.

Here’s the thing: this feature operates on the basis of your IP address plus your email. Most people are set up so that they always have the same IP; some are signed up with a service that constantly shifts your IP everytime you log in.

At least, that’s the way I understand it. If I’ve got something wrong, please correct me.

So Robyn and … somebody else, I can’t remember at the moment — your comments always get held for review, even though I have marked you as a trusted commenter many times. It’s just the nature of the beast. I apologize for the inconvenience.

24 Replies to “a word on comments, commenters, and trust”

  1. I like it a lot!!!
    (Not a big fan of foil of any persuasion on bookcovers)
    Very rich looking, and it goes with the dress.

  2. Very appealing cover. I especially like how the author name is right-justified. It draws my eye and it avoids over-symmetry.

  3. I like it much better! Red is always eye-catching, and it matches well with the dress. Plus they’re right about those foil covers–there are too often problems getting those just right. Failed foil looks awful. :)

  4. I love red! (the current color of my hair by the by!) It just pops out at you! I hate to repeat something already said but it dose go with the dress! Maybe we should ask Stacy and CLinton, the fashion experts! (LOL)

  5. I agree with everyone else,
    much better! :) Can’t wait to see it when it comes out in October.


  6. Much much better! The foil reminds me of the tragic romance novels that you rip the cover off so no one knows that you are reading dodgy novels!

  7. Oooh, much better. It really complements the color of the dress and makes both the shawl and the sword pop. And I’m not too fond of foil. Reminds me a little too much of “A Breath of Snow & Ashes” and that’s not a good association for me. But not to start THAT argument again…

  8. I have always been partial to red and blue on books for some weird reason.

    The gold would of made the picture PoP~OuT more if done correctly.

    I did not realize that they can not tell if a colour or foil would not print well, or not before hand… interesting.

    Great LoOK! Thanks for sharing… i am PoPpiNg in between vacation. Can hardly wait until October.

    Now to stop by the book store for you newest work, that is what i get for not PoPpiNG in for so long… Hope all are having a GReAT SUMMeR.

  9. Very nice… love the colors… fits in nicely with the covers of the Wilderness series . Excellent choice !

  10. Some of us could be viewed as slightly untrustworthy, you know, especially if chocolate is left unattended in our vicinity (not that I have any idea what happened to those two white chocolate Lindor truffles someone carelessly dropped onto the tea table. They were round. They may have rolled off the edge. The cats like shiny, rolly things….)

  11. Lynn — ‘chocolate’ and ‘trust’ really don’t belong in the same sentence. Neither do ‘truffle’ and ‘trust.’

    Have you always used this email address when you comment here? Because if not, that could be what caused the hiccup.

  12. Well I’m guessing in my case, it’s my provider, which is good for somethings and not so good for other things. And I can be trusted with chocolate truffles, just not with cake.

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