a question for the Aussies

I want to send a few books to a cousin in Western Australia. What online booksellers do y’all like down there? It makes more sense for me to arrange to buy the books that way and have them sent to her directly.

A quick look at the online resources doesn’t give me much to go on. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. Rosina,
    I always use Booktopia. They are very reliable, they have a wide range of books and their postage is very reasonable from memory upto 100 books for AU$6.50 postage. Their website is http://www.booktopia.com.au/

    I am sure there are other companies that are very good but I prefer this one – their service and delivery has been first class.

  2. Rosina,
    I just checked the Booktopia website the postage has gone up slightly this is what they say for postage – All books discounted – $6.95 postage in Australia up to 100 books

  3. Diane —

    There are three books I’m interested in sending, and all of them have this message at Booktopia:

    This title will be ordered from the publisher and usually ships by us within 15 days. Allow a few extra days for delivery

    Is this Booktopia, or is this how long it would take any reasonable online bookseller?

    Thanks for your help.

  4. I agree with Marg I think that is standard for delivery. Sometimes the books have to come from the USA which causes additional delays in delivery.

  5. I use Dymocks – http://www.dymocks.com.au. They’ve always been excellent in the past, though it’s worth noting that books are more expensive in Australia so the money you save in postage is offset by the amount you have to pay for the book. To that end, I order a lot via the States or UK.

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