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  1. Not while they’re sleeping? I’ve been tired of dreaming a particular dream before and woken from that. But I’m never conscious while I’m sleeping, and I think you have to be conscious of something to be tired of it. Enough of this doodling!

  2. I “hibernated” a whole winter when I was in my late teens, one day I just decided I was “tired of sleeping”, also my roomies”get outa bed ya lazy bum!!” and simular comments were getting tiresome.

  3. I get tired of my recurring grocery shopping dreams. Nothing happens in them, they’re just repeats of my weekly trip to the store. Well, sometimes I’m only in my pajamas, but that’s it. If I’m going to waste five perfectly good hours sleeping, I want Robert Jarvik to chase me around the produce section and pelt me with the aphrodisiac version of Lipitor or something.

    There are some side effects with hypersomnia — sleeping more than ten hours a day — that can make you feel tired, irritable, anxious and unable to focus well. So if you sleep too much, you can *physically* get tired of it.

  4. Personally, if it was possible I wouldn’t sleep at all. Which is wierd because I used ta really enjoy it, now it just sucks up all my free time :( I’m guessin I have less free time then I used to, that’s probably it. Speakin of which, should probably get a few hours sleep before work *sigh* po’ me :P

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