These watercolor images were created (primarily) digitally.

Avalon is a brainchild born of the pandemic, wholesale attacks on voting rights, election chaos and the attempted coup d’etat …  oh yes, and murder hornets.   The origin is my wish to live in a place where dogs are primary, and everybody has at least one. Dogs are welcome in shops and restaurants and everywhere else.  As a part of this fantasy, people love their puppers and are dedicated to their health and well-being and good citizenship. In Avalon dogs can be off leash because recall is well established. In Avalon a person who mistreats their puppers will be confronted by neighbors, friends, families and anybody in public office.

And in Avalon, as it is in my imagination, everybody is content and assured of personal autonomy. Otherwise they move.

There about sixty of these duos, which I will get up here as quickly as I can manage. Also, according to demands on my time, I’ll post bits and pieces about the person-pupper duos.  For example: which one do you think is the Avalon high school principal?

These are in no particular order.