disarmed: a self portrait

I am a writer, primarily.

This is where I put all my not-writing visual stuff. I draw or construct maps as a part of writing fiction, and I’ve included some of that here. But mostly this is a place to collect other bits . and pieces: sketches, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, fabric, embroidery, renegade quilting, polymer clay, and digital art, particularly illustration. I will eventually post here most of the bits and pieces I am comfortable sharing. As of right now, I don’t have plans to market anything. Also, to be clear: this is all a hobby. Writing is what pays the mortgage.

If you’re wondering about me, there’s a kinda-biography on one of my author pages, here.

You may be looking for my publications either under my name (Rosina Lippi) or the name I use for academic publications (Rosina Lippi Green) or, more likely, the pen name I use for historical fiction (Sara Donati). So let me point you in the right direction.

Jefferson Square ca. 1880. My interpretation. Many geographic reference points for both Waverly Square novels.
Jefferson Square ca. 1880. My interpretation. Many geographic reference points for both Waverly Square novels.

As most of my published fiction is historical and on the east coast, I have many dozens of historical maps for New York – state and city and bureaus I’m going to post some of those materials, the ones I used in researching (for example) Manhattan in 1880, along with my re-construction. In a few cases I’ll post bits of published maps just because they add to the story, for readers who like that kind of thing. I will also finally post the endpaper maps for all of the novels people have been asking for.

I spent almost three years researching the southwest, and again, I have dozens of maps. I will post some of them here. In the case of Santa Fe, my map is based on what information is available, but maybe 90 percent of it are my guesses as to locations. It was a challenge.

More currently I have been working with paint.



best of the spring garden

hollyhocks in hiding – watercolor

Real, in-person watercolor, pastels, acrylics but also more recently digital art. Which I adore. So I’m posting a lot of those pieces here, the majority of them floral. The banner at the top of this page is one piece of mine. I think of it as Schiele vs. Klimt, as it came from study of two artists I admire greatly.  The rest of the floral illustration pieces you’ll find here.

I liked to study faces, and have included sketches of the ones that I think succeed to some degree.

Polymer clay was a relatively short-term obsession, but one that resulted in a lot of jewelry and decorative pieces. You’ll find them tucked away here.  There are also quite a few mosaic piece that I will get posted here at some point.Finally and maybe most important is my compulsion to draw and paint dogs. That has resulted in my Avalon collection.  Avalon is a product of my imagination. A town I’d like to live in, where everybody has at least one dog.Click to see a full size image, or go directly to the Avalon Gallery.

On the way to the beach. If only Dolly could work up some enthusiasm.

Beth and Buster, dancing fools

Peaches  loves ice cream almost as much as she loves Dan.