Dawn on a Distant Shore

Dawn on a Distant Shore
Dawn on a Distant Shore

Volume 2 in the Wilderness series.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner have settled into their life together at the edge of the New-York wilderness in the winter of 1794 when Elizabeth gives birth to healthy twins. But soon events in Canada draw Nathaniel far away from his new family: word has reached them that Hawkeye has been arrested by crown officials in British Canada. Nathaniel reluctantly leaves Hidden Wolf mountain to set out for the distant city, determined to see his father freed. Instead, Nathaniel is imprisoned, and finds himself in imminent danger of being hanged as an American spy.

“A balanced blend of bravery, treachery, romance, suffering and hope.”
— The Tampa Tribune and Times

In a desperate bid to save her husband, Elizabeth bundles her infants and sets out on the long trek to Montreal. Accompanied by her stepdaughter, Hannah, their wise friend Curiosity Freeman, and Runs-from-Bears, a Mohawk warrior and life-long friend of Nathaniel’s, Elizabeth’s dangerous journey leads her through the snowy wilderness and treacherous waterways. But Elizabeth soon discovers that freeing Nathaniel will take every ounce of her courage and inventiveness. It is a struggle that threatens her with the loss of what she loves most.

Torn apart, the Bonners must embark on yet another perilous voyage…this time all the way across the ocean to the heart of Scotland, where a wealthy earl claims kinship with Hawkeye. In his heart, the Mahican tribe of Hawkeye’s youth is the truest kin he will ever know, just as Nathaniel will always remain loyal to the Mohawk nation. But with this journey, a whole new world opens up to Nathaniel and Elizabeth-and a destiny they could never have imagined awaits them.



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