what Lily sees

a few short paragraphs from Thunder at Twilight (Lily is in Montreal staying with her brother Luke):

All around them the countryside rose and fell like the wings of a great bird, snowy fields crisscrossed by lanes beaten down smooth. But the colors were the thing. White snow, blue sky, Daniel would tease her when she talked of such things. What more is there to see?

This. She wished her brother were here so she could make him understand all that white could be. Trees tangled together against the horizon, a web thrown up to hold up the sky and still its color seeped away and into the landscape itself: blue in layers upon layers, melding into shadows purple and copper that faded to rosy golds. The winter sun, too heavy for the sky, moving down and down like a sleepy child, radiating colors that defied pigment and palette and brush, putting every artist who had ever lived to shame.

This, she would tell Daniel. See this.


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  1. What a beautiful word painting. Waiting for this book is really reining in my patience, or lack thereof.

  2. It’s magical. Like everything Donati writes, it draws you into the story I can imagine myself there in that beutiful world. I too can’t wait till August, however comming from Australia my guess is I shall have to wait for a fair bit longer than that.

  3. WeLL, i MUST SaY DiTTO to ALL the COMMeNTs above…

    SaRA… one day you must go back and FiLL in ALL those MiSSiNG years beTwiNx the first and second book and any other GAPs between… as ONLy you can CReATe this WONDeRFUL world of the BONNeRs..

  4. Dear Sara

    I am so looking forward to Fire in the Sky and catching up with the Bonners.

    Thank you for putting more of Luke nad Jenete
    thank you also for your wnderful word descriptions. It makes one see the scene and the people.

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