what is the matter with television executives?

If you read this weblog with any regularity you know that I actively support the movement to bring Farscape back to television. And in fact, against all odds, it looks as if that campaign has begun to reap rewards — right now the cast is reassembled in Australia to begin filming a miniseries, which (if the viewers have their way) will be only the start of a beautiful thing.


And then today I find out that another television show, probably one of the most original and truly funniest ever aired (far funnier than Saturday Night Live, even at the top of its game), has been cancelled. Whose Line is it Anyway?, that improvisational gem, is no longer on the ABC schedule. Not only that, but there are apparently some twenty unaired episodes they have no plans to run, and the past seasons are not available on DVD. Yes, I should have been recording them all along. But silly me, I didn’t anticipate yet another bone-headed cancellation.

Unfortunately, WLiiA doesn’t have the organized fan base that Farscape does, although there are some folks out there working hard to save the show. Pay them a visit, drop ABC a line, wander around the official Whose Line website at WarnerBrothers (there are some video clips of a few of the skits). whoseline2Most of all, watch whatever episodes they may still air. You’ll have to hunt for them, but it’s worth it. If you can catch the one where Colin plays an alien trying to work out the differences between male and female humans at a party, you’ll see why this show should be saved.

PS: yes, I know there was a British version of this show first; yes, it was (is) funny. Right now, though, I’m concerned about Wayne, Colin, Ryan, Drew and the rest of the gang.

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  1. Crap!! I love Whose Line. This is the second show I like that’s been canceled this season. I also liked the very short-lived Brotherhood of Poland,NH(reminiscent of Picket Fences and Northern Exposure) which only aired about five episodes. At the rate this is going the only thing left for me to watch will be the news. Making disgusted noises–jessica

  2. Whose Line reruns on the Family Channel if you get that…every night, I believe. Just caught a bit of it tonight and ah, the laughter. :) Such a great show–so crappy that it’s cancelled. Farscape minseries, huzzah.

  3. Okay, I admit, I mostly watch our local news to see how much the anchors can bungle their lines. I find it entertaining at least.

  4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention… LOVE watching that show. You are RiGHT about iT being FuNNiER than SNL! i LOVE WaTChiNG spontaneous iMPRoV.

    Have NO FEAR, i am sure those 20 or so episodes wiLL POP Up somewhere… probably when WHATEVER is repLacing their time sLoT FAiLS! *G*

    TV executives? LOL! SHOW ME THE MONEY! *WG*

    i THiNK we are getting way ToO MaNY ReALiTy SHOWs! One WONDeRS how they can be caLLeD ReALiTy SHOWs when they are pieced together selectiveLy and even sometimes parts are staged! (i guess that is ReALiTy to TV executives in their LiVES?)

    Have yet to watch FARSCaPe though…

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