trivia contest

ITWIt looks like there will be enough interest in a trivia quiz to go ahead and plan that. I was thinking that February would be about the right time. So this is the way it will work: The quiz will be posted on the web, and will be left there for a day or so. Anyone who agrees to a few ground rules may participate:

1. In the event of multiple perfect scores, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

2. The winner may chose between an Advance Readers Copy or a signed first edition of Thunder at Twilight (final title still pending). However, if the winner choses the ARC, he or she must agree to the following:

a. no publication or discussion of the content or plot before the official publication date (that is, no spoilers)

b. the ARC will not be lent out or given to anyone else, nor will it be sold before the official publication date

3. All decisions of management (me) are final.

Here’s the fun part: you can help put the quiz together.

If you like, submit up to three possible questions, along with answers. None or all of the questions might make it into the quiz, which may give you a real advantage. Guidelines:

1. Questions must be multiple choice, true/false or very short answer.

2. Questions that are too easy (Who is Elizabeth married to?) won’t make it into the contest; qestions that are too hard (Who speaks first on page 231 of the Australian softcover edition of Dawn on a Distant Shore?) won’t make it into the contest either.

3. Questions requiring complex essay answers may cause me to think a bit, but they won’t make it into the contest. This is supposed to be fun, after all. What was the name of the hostelkeeper who tried to refuse Hannah a room in Albany? would work. Why is the hostelkeeper such a jerk? will not.

4. You may submit up to three questions, but they must all be submitted in the same email message.

5. Questions must be received at triviaATsaralaughsDOTcom by January 31, 2004 to be considered for inclusion. (this is a way of including an email address that won’t be readable by spam-bots that come looking for prey. You replace the AT and the DOT with the usual symbols.)

6. By submitting questions, you are agreeing to let them be used here for the contest and elsewhere on the saralaughs website.

7. You don’t have to participate if you submit questions, and you don’t have to submit questions to take part in the contest.

8. You won’t get any feedback on your questions, and won’t know if they have been chosen to be in the contest until (unless) you take it yourself.

There you go.