One Reply to “today's subliminal thought:”

  1. Really a subliminal thought … too subliminal for me. (When I read your posting, there was nothing there.)

    As you are curious … a friend recently lent me the books. After reading them, I ordered my own copies so I could re-read them. (Which I have already done.) Am looking forward to reading them again and again, reading the new books, and participating in the discussions.

    If you were interested in demographics … I’m a stay-at-home mom (having left the hi-tech world as a server computer quality and reliablity senior engineer) recently relocated to Tucson, AZ aspiring to raise wonderful children and moving into the the movie production business.

    To which, would you mind if I practiced learning screenwriting skills by using your books? I would not be looking to sell the screenplay – just an exercise for myself. Unless, you had a look and liked it enough. But that is a thought to distant to contemplate. As I’ve never written a screenplay and being a full-time Mom keeps me very busy.

    In any event, thanks for sharing your imagination with us.

    Best regards,
    Anne Velosa

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