Thunder at Twilight

I finished the fourth novel in the Wilderness series at the end of August and it arrived on my editor’s desk at Bantam on September 1. In total: 1,200 manuscript pages. Yeeehah! It always feels like giving birth, but then you have to wait a couple weeks until the doctor tells you about the infant’s health. Or name. I really want to hold onto my original title this time: Thunder at Twilight.

So Wendy (my editor) calls this morning and… she’s ecstatic. Very, very happy, which makes me very, very relieved. Apparently Nita Taublin (the publisher) loves it too, and I had a long talk with my agent Jill this morning, who was also in raptures… some part of me just refuses to believe them, but the biggest part is just plain happy to know that it looks as though I pulled it off, yet again. Now I should go write a little (got the first chapter on the next one started) but I’m kinda jumpy after those phone calls.

john-aeryn2.jpgBy the way: Last night’s episode of Farscape was pretty damn good. I Shrink Therefore I Am, from season four. Shouldn’t you be running out to the video store to rent the Premiere, just to see what I’ve been raving about?


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  1. ALL i can say is CONGRATs!!! on FiNiSHiNG the manuscript!

    As i for one am doing a
    >’.*.”.*.’ =) HaPpY DaNCe=’.*.”.*.’

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