the map: an oddity, and an answer

You know that I love my map. Over there in the right hand column. O so corny of me, but then I’ve made a life’s goal out of being easily amused. If you don’t know about the map, you should go have a look and maybe even (she said hopefully) put yourself on it.

Here’s the strange thing. I have a lot of readers in Australia and NZ, and I mean, a lot. Once I even knocked John Grisham off their bestsellers number one spot. I’m not sure why, really, but I get such great letters from the readers downunder, and I am thrilled that they like my stories so much.

First the mystery: why are there so many NZ readers piled on top of each other on the north island, and none at all on the south? I’m referring to the map, again.

Second, the answer to a question posed over there on the map on whether I will ever come tour in NZ. The answer is, unless the publishing business picks up, probably not. This kind of thing is always arranged by the local publisher (Bantam Australia) and the industry is in a slump just about everywhere, it seems. It’s hard for publishers to justify the cost of bringing an author so far at such great expense* for what must seem to them a relatively small return.

One more thing about my map obsession. I’m thinking of scraping the trivia quiz idea and instead doing this: On a date yet to be given, I’ll erase all entries on the map. Then the first hundred people who put themselves back on the map (or do so for the first time, it doesn’t really matter) will be entered into a drawing. The prize will be an advance reader’s copy of the new book, when it becomes available (probably in March or April). I’ll post it anywhere in the world, which might encourage readers from far off have a go. Any thoughts?

*not that I charge anything to come tour or read, because I don’t. But transportation and hotels and all that good stuff adds up.

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  1. Can’t really explain why Kiwis and Aussies like you so much except maybe that they have great taste? And I’d love to put myself on the map (St. Paul, Minnesota), but I seem not to be able to. Sorry!

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