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I’ve been struggling to get this weblog into shape, which meant changing software, which meant a bit of a wait and a lot of experimentation… but here it is, finally, and I believe the format will stay this way. Note there is now room for comments, if you’d like to make them. Play nice.

Now that I’ve got this blog running the way I want it too, I will try to write a little tomorrow about Queen of Swords and where I am in the creative process.

Oh and, Farscape was on tonight. The episode from season four: A Prefect Murder. On a ten point scale I’d rate this episode a six, except it focuses a great deal on Aeryn, so it gets an extra point for a total of seven. It did move the overall story arc along, especially regarding the relationship between the main characters.

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Thunder at Twilight

I finished the fourth novel in the Wilderness series at the end of August and it arrived on my editor’s desk at Bantam on September 1. In total: 1,200 manuscript pages. Yeeehah! It always feels like giving birth, but then you have to wait a couple weeks until the doctor tells you about the infant’s health. Or name. I really want to hold onto my original title this time: Thunder at Twilight.

So Wendy (my editor) calls this morning and… she’s ecstatic. Very, very happy, which makes me very, very relieved. Apparently Nita Taublin (the publisher) loves it too, and I had a long talk with my agent Jill this morning, who was also in raptures… some part of me just refuses to believe them, but the biggest part is just plain happy to know that it looks as though I pulled it off, yet again. Now I should go write a little (got the first chapter on the next one started) but I’m kinda jumpy after those phone calls.

john-aeryn2.jpgBy the way: Last night’s episode of Farscape was pretty damn good. I Shrink Therefore I Am, from season four. Shouldn’t you be running out to the video store to rent the Premiere, just to see what I’ve been raving about?

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blasphemy, Italian style

[asa book]B0001NBNB6[/asa] First of all, Farscape is in fact on television tonight, on the Sci-Fi channel at midnight (east coast) and at nine (west coast). The folks at Sci-Fi seems to get great enjoyment out of frustrating the faithful, and yet we still manage to find Farscape no matter where they hide it.
Tune in.

Now, something I’ve been wanting to say for years. Have said many times to friends. This is about The Godfather
(not the novel; I’ll say something about that someplace else). The movie attained cult status long ago. Men love to quote from it; whole movie plots have been built around that fact (You’ve Got Mail is a case in point). Poke the average Joe on the street and he spits out ‘take the cannoli. leave the gun’. Italian Americans, especially men, adore this movie. I won’t go into the psychology behind that, because it’s exhausting.

But here’s what I want to say: in two crucial cases, the movie was horrendously miscast. You know it’s true. Think about it. Think about the Corleone brothers sitting around the table at
a birthday party. Look at these actors. James Caan, tall and blond and curly haired, as the brother of Al Pacino and John Cazale? Uh-huh, not unless Mama Corleone had some secrets of her own.

Personally I think they would have been much better off giving Sonny’s part to my great uncle Luigi Alfonso — now that’s Italian.

[asa book]B000NHG7BG[/asa] And what, I want to know, what Coppola thinking when he cast Diane Keaton as Kay Adams? Granted, this movie was made when Keaton was at the top of her boxoffice arc, but please. One thing I know about Italian men (and I grew up surrounded by them) — they don’t marry women who are taller than they are. Nope. No way. The combination of James Caan and Diane Keaton are flaws that I just can’t get over watching this movie.

Instead of The Godfather, try Al Pacino as Lefty Ruggerio in Donnie Brasco. Now that’s a well told story.

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